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Keynotes and Seminars

More and more governments, corporations and organizations are hiring Canadian keynote speaker Grace Cirocco to help create learning and enrichment opportunities for their staff and members, whether it is at an annual professional conference, seminar or retreat. All of her dynamic keynotes are customized to meet –and exceed– the needs of your group.

Grace Cirocco is a much sought-after motivational keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, women’s retreat leader, and couple’s retreat leader. Author of the best-seller Take the Step, The Bridge Will Be There, Grace appears regularly on television and radio. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, women’s organizations, government agencies, educational institutes, non-profits and high-profile international firms.

A professional keynote speaker with degrees in Philosophy and Ethics, Grace is an expert in human nature and personal empowerment. She has studied organizational change at Mount Vernon College in Washington, D.C., as well as a variety of psychological and healing modalities including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), Cognitive Psychology, and Psycho-Neuro-Immunology. She is certified with Self Esteem Seminars in California and a graduate of the Certified Coach (CC) Training Intensive. You can read her full biography here: Grace Cirocco, Motivational Keynote Speaker

Event Keynote Speaker Topics

As your keynote speaker, Grace Cirocco can custom design a presentation on any of the following topics:

  • leadership & team building
  • empowerment & confidence
  • motivation & inspiration
  • wellness & resilience
  • navigating change
  • effective communication
  • relationship strategies
  • time management

All keynote speaking presentations can be presented as a 1 or 2 hour, 90 minutes or as half-day or full-day interactive workshop & keynotes.

Business Keynote Speaker Examples

The following are examples of some of the keynote presentations that Grace Cirocco can deliver. Each and every keynote is tailor-made to fit the needs of your group or organization.

Keynote Presentations (30-120 minutes) Scroll down for descriptions

Keynote 1. Take the Step, the Bridge Will Be There™
Keynote 2. Multi-Tasking Genius: Getting it all Done Without Losing Yourself
Keynote 3. Vision & Action: Cultivating the Leader Within
Keynote 4: Lessons in Authentic Leadership
Keynote 5: Personal Leadership Skills: Raising Your EQ
Keynote 6: Re-charging Your Battery: Soul @ Work
Keynote 7: Awaken Your Passion, Purpose & Potential
Keynote 8: Bring Your Passion for Life to Work
Keynote 9: Dare, Dream, Do: Raising The Bar
Keynote 10: Outrageous Confidence for Team Success
Keynote 11: The Secret to Staying Resilient in the Face of Change
Keynote 12: Credibility & Compassion: Transforming Your Relationships
Keynote 13: Balancing Professional Excellence with Personal Wellness
Keynote 14: Inspiring Positive Relationships
Keynote 15: Re-energize Your Attitude: Zapping Negativity

Keynote 1- Take the Step, the Bridge Will Be There™
What dreams have you postponed? What “undones” do you have? What do you really want? These are just a few of the questions Grace will get you to think about in this thought-provoking and stimulating keynote. And then, why do some people take the step and succeed while others take the same action and fail? The secret is belief. Grace will share all the secrets from her best-selling book by the same name now available in countries around the world.

Keynote 2-Multi-Tasking Genius: Getting it all Done Without Losing Yourself
Research shows that most women don’t sleep well because their brain never shuts off. Rather it “expands” to include everyone and everything  often leaving her overwhelmed, angry and empty. In this presentation you will learn 13 tips for getting it all done without losing yourself including the latest research on the female brain, how to identifying priorities, how to surrender without losing control, mastering the Four Time Quadrants and much, much more.

Keynote 3 – Vision & Action: Cultivating the Leader Within
Leadership practices are evolving. Making work meaningful, creating value for all stakeholders, sharpening our attitudes towards change and knowing how to inspire and motivate a team are items on the leader’s agenda. Today, leadership is not about position-it’s about action. And in order to take effective action, we need a great vision. In this keynote presentation, you’ll be inspired to cultivate the leader within you.

Keynote 4 – Lessons in Authentic Leadership
There is a new breed of leader on the horizon,  one who has the courage to look within to find something real and authentic. Leadership is about knowing yourself first and then being able to communicate vision, strategy and enthusiasm to the team. It’s about producing results in a climate of change; about aligning effort with compass and making sure that communication flows between all the different stakeholders. Leadership is the responsibility of all those who want to make a difference, who want to contribute to a larger vision and succeed. Grace will share the 3 C’s (Confidence, Courage and Compassion); the stuff that all authentic leaders have. In this empowering keynote, you will learn the skills to grow these characteristics in yourself and inspire them in others.

Keynote 5 – Personal Leadership Skills: Raising Your EQ
The Center for Creative Leadership reports that most people fail not because of technical inability but because of “an interpersonal flaw”. Today “hi-tech” may get you hired, but it is “hi-touch” or “emotional intelligence” (EQ) that keeps you employed in the new economy. The good news is that EQ can be learned. Grace will engage and entertain you as she shares which emotional competencies contribute to leadership excellence in this very powerful keynote.

Keynote 6 – Re-Charging Your Battery: Soul @ Work
The facts are simple: more and more people are being asked to do more for less; change and “re-structuring” erodes employee self-confidence and affects morale. People go to work, but leave their creativity, enthusiasm, in short, their soul at home. In this motivational keynote, Grace teaches how to re-charge your spiritual battery, how to bring passion and enthusiasm to your life, so that you can be more motivated and effective at your work.

Keynote 7 – Awaken Your Passion, Purpose & Potential
Do you secretly ache for something more? Do you celebrate the miracle that is your life or are you constantly running, frustrated by the never-ending to-do list at home and at the office?  If you’ve ever wanted more passion, purpose and potential in your life, then you’ll enjoy the practical wisdom and innovative strategies in this keynote presentation. Grace Cirocco’s passionate delivery and contagious enthusiasm will awaken your Spirit to outrageous celebration and purposeful living.

Keynote 8 – Bring Your Passion for Life to Work
Passionate people are enthusiastic and alive in every sense of the word. They’re leaders. Their attitude is contagious and they motivate everyone around them. They’re connected to the big picture and to the mission of the organization. The truth is that every great idea, project or movement was born out of a passionate, enthusiastic exchange, a dialogue. Turn your whole team into leaders as Grace inspires them to communicate from their authentic depths and challenge their limiting beliefs.

Keynote 9 -Dare, Dream, Do: Raising The Bar
In this hands-on, inspirational workshop, you’ll learn how to confront your fears (DARE);  use your imagination to stretch into new possibilities (DREAM) and come up with an action plan to achieve your goals (DO). What have you wanted to do but keep postponing? What goals have you given up on? What “undones” do you have that when you think of them make you feel bad? This presentation will inspire you to “raise the bar” on what you expect from yourself, on what is possible and on delivering excellence in your professional and personal life.

Keynote 10 – Outrageous Confidence For Team Success
Self confidence in individuals is eroded in a climate of extreme change and so professional excellence is compromised. Help your staff reconnect to their power, their talent and their inner voice that says “yes!”. Self-confidence is fundamental because it acts as the immune system of the mind. It allows you to trust yourself so you can take risks and keep moving forward. Learn the secrets to raising confidence by plugging into the “outrageous factor”. Grace dazzles audiences with this high-energy and empowering keynote presentation.

Keynote 11 – The Secret to Staying Resilient in the Face of Change
The personal wellness of the individual is the building block for the growth of the organization. Today as the engines of change force us to do more for less, and companies and governments continue to restructure, a greater interest is taken in the individual’s coping mechanisms. In this keynote presentation, Grace will share with you what she’s learned about staying resilient and about wellness from the inside out, providing ideas and strategies for the mind, body, heart and soul.

Keynote 12 -Credibility & Compassion: Transforming Your Relationships
Research shows that personal success is based upon the health of your relationships both personal and professional. The two most important  “C’s” in any relationship are Credibility and Compassion.  These two “pillars” are the foundation for any healthy relationship. Credibility opens the door to trust and integrity, and compassion awakens the heart to make a connection with the emotional brain. Conflicts or communication breakdowns happen when credibility has been challenged or when we forget to see people through our lens of compassion. Learn the 7 most powerful ways to build credibility and 5 Aspects for Growing Compassion so that you can transform even your most difficult and challenging relationship.

Keynote 13 – Balancing Professional Excellence with Personal Wellness
Has the river of change left you jaded and skeptical? Do you feel tired and worn out by the end of the day? Are you constantly trying to balance professional excellence with your personal needs and family obligations? If you’ve lost that “glow” for your job (or for life), it may be a sign you need to re-awaken your personal passion and start taking care of you.  In this powerful presentation, you will learn how your core beliefs dictate your experience and how to challenge the “negative echo” around you. You will learn how to master the chaos of change and live securely amidst uncertainty. You will leave with practical strategies you can apply immediately to help you move forward professionally and personally. Grace will share a toolbox full of ideas, strategies, and mental attitudes that will stretch the comfort zone of your imagination and help you take steps towards extraordinary possibilities for excellence.

Keynote 14 – Inspiring Positive Relationships
Gone are the days when you worked independently to get things done. Today we all work in teams and people skills are your strongest asset. Therefore, maintaining constructive and collaborative relationships can be one of the most important factors influencing your level of success in business and in life!  In this presentation, you’ll discover what can make or break relationships, how to deal with the difficult personalities, and how to navigate conflict and set healthy boundaries. You’ll also learn how to be “first brain friendly” in your communication so that you can relate with ease with almost anybody. This keynote can also be expanded into a half or full day workshop.

Keynote 15 – Re-energize Your Attitude: Zapping Negativity
90% of all responses to new ideas are negative. Negative people are toxic and costly and their negativity spreads affecting  productivity and employee morale. What is your attitude towards change, work and can you diffuse a difficult situation? This presentation you inspire with the science of happiness and you can be mentally and emotionally resilient to negative people. You will be empowered with key mental resilience strategies, visualization techniques and emotional exercises that you can do to help turn negatives into positives and re-energize not only your attitude but your professional output as well.


Grace Cirocco is a leading authority on women’s leadership, empowerment and wellness. Each year she speaks for numerous women’s organizations around the world and runs several 4 day intensive healing retreats for women in Southern Ontario.  Grace has a special connection with women and her message inspires women to see possibilities in their lives.  As a busy professional herself, business owner, wife and mother of two young adults, Grace walks her talk. She is a role model empowering women not only with her message but with the way she approaches life–as a passionate journey to be embraced and savoured. Grace was invited by Inner Oceans Press to contribute to the book: If Women Ruled the World, a collection of stories which outline a vision for women’s leadership in the world. Backed by Marie C. Wilson’s,  the White House Project, all proceeds from the book go to organizations promoting women’s leadership.  Check out the book here

*Cultivating the Leader Within
This presentation is ideal for women who are currently in or aspiring to step up to a leadership role. Somewhere inside you is a greater voice and vision of who you are and what your potential is. Where do you want to be and how do you want to make a difference? Grace will address  the challenges facing women in the workplace and how can you navigate the obstacles? You will be introduced to various key theories and mindsets to help you address these difficulties as well as learn how to manage conflict, how to be more assertive in your communication, personal strategic planning, and how to present yourself with courage and confidence. This topic can be a keynote presentation for a conference or a half/full day  seminar or  workshop.

*Outrageous Confidence for Administrative Excellence™
For admin professionals, self-confidence not only acts like your psychological immune system, it is also the key to your professionalism, productivity and success. When you grow self-confidence, you also increase your emotional intelligence so that you can deal with stress, change, and relationships.  Without a sense of Self you feel lost, unable to set boundaries or get the job done effectively. In this presentation, Grace will dazzle you with her energetic and sense of humour and inspire you with a toolbox full of “outrageous” solutions and strategies for growing your self-confidence, resilience and emotional wellbeing. You will leave feeling empowered, motivated and just a little bit taller than when you arrived! Grace has delivered this topic to international audiences always with rave reviews.

*Balancing Personal Wellness with Professional Productivity
Are you  constantly trying to balance professional productivity with your personal needs and family obligations? If you’ve lost that “glow” for your job (or for life), it may be a sign you need to re-awaken your personal passion and start taking care of you.  In this powerful presentation, you will learn how your core beliefs dictate your experience and how to challenge the “negative echo” around you so that the parts of you that you are currently neglecting will come into greater balance.

*Stress Solutions for Super Busy Women™
For today’s modern woman, there are not enough hours in a day to get it all done. Research shows that many women are stressed and burned out and they don’t know it. Your health and happiness depends on your ability to juggle your priorities and make it all work with some time for you.  At the end of the day, if you don’t take care of you, who will? In this session you will be inspired to find your core values, get grounded and let go of the unimportant. You will leave with practical strategies you can apply immediately to help you move forward professionally and personally.

*Saluting Your Magnificence:™
The Tibetans have a saying:  “Tashi Deley”. Grace heard this expression on her travels  many years ago and it’s translation is:  “I salute the Magnificence in You”. Grace is committed to empowering women and to helping them to slow down and “salute their magnificence” in self love and self acceptance. Women feel guilty for everything. Their doubt demons never shut up. Do you make a difference or do you secretly ache for something more? Do you celebrate the miracle that is your life or are you putting in time.  If you’ve ever wanted the purpose driven life; or to wake up with more passion and meaning, then  put on your seat belts and get ready for Grace Cirocco’s  contagous enthusiasm for life as she helps you to awaken your Spirit to outrageous celebration and purposeful living.  In this presentation, Grace will entertain you with her inspirational stories and anecdotes and encourage you to take the step towards your highest potential.

How to say “No” & Mean it: Assertiveness for Women Have you lost career opportunities to others because people see you as passive and ineffective? Or are you one of those women that people avoid because you have an aggressive “edge”? And what exactly is passive aggressive behaviour anyway and what can you do about setting healthy boundaries and improving your communication style. These are the topics Grace will address in this half day workshop. You will learn and get to practice 5 top Assertiveness techniques that you can use immediately at home and at the office  for greater confidence and effectiveness.

Over the years, Grace has delivered many presentations to Administrative Professionals. Here are some topics especially for this audience:

Awaken the Leader Within: Projecting a Cool, Confident & Credible Image
Realizing Your Untapped Potential
High Octane Tools for Time Management & Multi-Tasking
Multi Tasking Genius: Getting It all Done Without Losing Yourself
Dare, Dream, Do: Raising the Bar
Success Strategies for Setting Goals and Achieving Them
Mastering the Chaos of Change at Work: What you Need to Know

Grace will work with you to customize these topics for your group or event.  Please Contact Grace.

Here are just some of the clients who have hired GRACE CIROCCO to design and deliver business keynotes, training seminars and workshops and motivational presentations:

Public Sector Clients Include:

*Goverment of Canada – Multiple customized training seminars
*Guelph General Hospital- Multiple customized training seminars
*Markham General Hospital – Motivational keynote on Balance & Resilience
*Juravinski Cancer Centre Annual Nurses Retreat – Customized Training
*Transport Canada Conference——Closing Business Keynote Speaker
*Health Canada——Multiple Keynotes and Workshops
*Statistics Canada International Women’s Day Conference——Opening Motivational Keynote Speaker
*Veterans Affairs——Multiple Full Day Seminars
*Industry Canada Conference——Opening Keynote Speaker
*Human Resource Development Canada
*Treasury Board
*Fisheries and Oceans
*Public Service Commission——Motivational Keynote Speaker
*Canadian Blood Services
*Economic Summit for Women, State of Tennessee——Closing Motivational Keynote Speaker
*US Postal Services——Training Seminar
*US Navy——Training Workshops and Keynotes
*Ontario Ministry of Education——Closing Keynote Presentation
*Ontario Hydro——Over a period of 2 years, several training workshops and seminars
*The LCBO——Training Seminar
*Community Care Access Centers of Ontario——Motivational Keynotes and Workshops
*Salmon Arm Forest District——Training Workshops
*The Government of P.E.I. Conference——Opening Keynote Speaker
*Toronto District School Board——Opening and Closing Keynote Speaker
*Dufferin Peel District School Board——Multiple training workshops
*The University of Toronto——Training workshop
*Queen’s University Lunchtime Series——Motivational Keynote Speaker
*Sheridan College——Keynote Speaker
*Centennial College Centre for Entrepreneurship
*City of Burlington
*McMaster University—–Keynote Speaker
*Toronto Rehab Institute—–Keynote Speaker

Private Sector Clients Include:

*Young Presidents Organization—Customized private retreat
*Delta Kappa Gamma International USA—Conference Motivational Keynote
*Air Canada Vacations——Training Seminar
*Bell Canada——Keynote Presentation
*Coca Cola——Full day Business Seminar
*AIM Funds Trimark Investments——Multiple Training Seminars
*Johnson & Johnson——Multiple Training Seminars
*Mercer Human Resources Consulting——Business Keynote Speaker
*Torys LLP
*Borden & Elliot
*Hallmark Cards——Several Training Workshops
*McKinsey & Co.
*Holt Renfrew & Co. Staff Conference——Motivational KeynoteSpeaker
*Scotia Bank
*Reuters Information Services——Luncheon Keynote Speaker
*Cadillac Fairview Corp
*KPMG Peat Marwick Thorne——Motivational Keynote Speaker
*Store Image Programs
*GEAC Computer Systems International Conference——Business Keynote Speaker
*Fifth Avenue Collections—–Keynote Sepaker
*Alcon Canada—–Keynote Speaker


*Athena International Women’s Leadership Organization—Several Conference Keynotes & Breakout  Sessions
*Administrative Professionals Conference Canada & International (APC & IAPC)—Keynote and Concurrent Session Speaker for  8 years
*National Association of Surveillance Officials (NASO)——Conference Keynote Speaker
*Canadian Home Builders Association National Staff Conference——Opening and Closing Keynote Speaker
*Women in Action of Washington (WIN)——Conference Motivational Keynote
*Women Entrepreneurs of Canada (WEC)——Keynote Address
*Women in Motion——Conference Motivational Keynote
*Women with Vision——Conference Keynote
*Women in Food Industry Management (WFIM)——Motivational Keynote Presentation
*Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE)
*Canadian Association of Women Executives (CAWEE——Gala Awards Motivational Keynote Speaker
*National Consultation on Career Development (NATCON)
*Canadian Counselling Association (CCA)——Conference Closing Keynote Presentation
*Canadian National Institute for the Blind(CNIB)——Motivational Workshop
*The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario——Motivational Workshops
*Retired Teachers of Ontario——Keynote Speaker
*Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP Canada)  Keynote + Workshop
*Camrose Women’s Conference, AB—–Keynote Speaker

Grace Cirocco works directly with her clients and is not associated with any speakers bureau.

To see a complete list of Grace Cirocco’s clients click here

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