“The root of the word ’employment’ is the Latin word implicare, which means “to be involved”. And being involved today means much more than security and a paycheck. Contrary to popular opinion, people go to work to feed their souls-to feel connected, to enhance self-worth, to learn, to have fun and to contribute to something larger than themselves… many organizational leaders I’ve worked with, in both the private and the public sectors, not only believe in the physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual health of their staff, but are also willing to invest in it…”

—Grace Cirocco from Take the Step, the Bridge Will be There

Whether you’re in upper management, middle management or a support professional today, “hi-tech” may get you hired, but it’s “hi-touch” that guarantees success and satisfaction in all aspects of your life. “Hi touch” is about three skill sets:

1. Inter-personal skills (your relationship with others)
2. Intra-personal skills (your relationship with yourself)
3. Wellness, Balance & Resilience

The following training workshops promote skills and learning in these foundational areas and are completely customized to meet your organization’s needs. Workshops can be half day, full day or multiple days. All the training programs are highly inspirational but practical too. They combine lecture, interactive exercises, group work and individual work. Each participant leaves with extensive handouts and a list of action steps and personal commitments.


Suggested Titles:

Vision and Action: Cultivating The Leader Within
Vision and Action: Lessons in Authentic Leadership
Leadership From Within
Leading With the Heart: Lessons in Authentic Leadership

There are people in Management positions today who are not leaders, and yet there are people at the bottom of the hiearchy with very little authority who take bold leadership acts daily. Grace believes that leadership is not about position, as much as it’s about action. Leadership is about knowing yourself first and then being able to communicate vision, strategy and enthusiasm to the team. It’s about producing results in a climate of change; about aligning effort with compass and making sure that communication flows between all the different departments. Leadership is the responsibility of all those who want to make a difference, who want to contribute to a larger vision and succeed despite our times of flux and uncertainty. Some of the topics of focus are: self-mastery, authenticity, emotional intelligence (EQ), identifying key priorities, creating a mission statement and personal resilience, communicating with confidence and power, growing integrity and trust, dealing with conflict and negativity, and honing assertive techniques for teamwork and productivity.

Dear Grace, Thank you for such a thought provoking and inspiring presentation. As I said to all who were there on Friday, you exceeded my expectations. I will be following up later this week with my management committee to look at ways in which we can build on what we learned from you and to identify those possibilities for continued growth and development. On a personal level, your presentation has helped crystallize in my mind a lot of the introspection that I have been going through with the help of my coach… I told him about you and gave him a copy of your presentation. He was quite impressed. I have been asked to speak later this month to a Managers’ Forum about my experience as an executive in the Public Service. I have decided to follow your lead and talk about the importance of self awareness, building relationships and having passion for what you do. Maybe this can be part of my legacy to other managers that will eventually follow in my footsteps. Thank you once again. I hope to hear from you soon.
Charles Ethier
Director General, Product Safety Programme
Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch
Health Canada

Hello Grace, I very much wanted to thank you for your participation in our recent Professional Development Forum in Niagara Falls. We gave you a real challenge. It is not easy to make two presentations to the same group, not too mention the fact that you were our opening and closing keynote speaker. You will always be able to say that you were a book-end (speaker) for the home buildersGrace, I wanted you to know that the two sessions hit a home run for us. Without question, you touched everyone in the room where it counts the most which is in their souls. The feedback has been tremendous. Many have taken immediate action to address some of the undones in their lives. I really believe that your message will help our group to take the steps necessary to be authentic leaders in all that they do. For me, including you in our program represented a departure. We haven’t spent enough time recognizing that our staff leaders are human beings first and foremost. They need help at times with priority setting in a way that provides balance to the professional and personal side to their lives. For certain, there were more hugs and tears shared with one another the day of your last session than I have seen in my seventeen years with the CHBA. Thanks again and I very much hope that our paths cross again somewhere along our bridge ahead.
Michael S. Gough, CAE
Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Dear Grace, I wanted to thank you for your two-day workshop, “Personal Leadership Skills for the New Millennium” that we held in both Saskatoon and Regina over four days…. They were the most successful ever held by the federal government in Saskatchewan! Over 600 employees have benefited from your knowledge, wisdom and passion during these inspirational and interactive workshops….This is the only time in my 24-year public service career that I witnessed a standing ovation during such an event! I have strongly recommended you to my colleagues across Canada. You have such a special gift Grace, and I know for a fact that some people’s lives were changed for the better from your wisdom and expertise. Thanks again.
Neil Kimelman, Director
Human Resource Secretariat
Saskatchewan Council of Senior Federal Officials
Government of Canada

Dear Grace, I want to thank you for contributing significantly to the success of our organization at Canadian Blood Services, Hamilton and London Centres, and particularly your work with our Senior Management Team (SMT). Individually each SMT member headed up their own functional area (marketing, production, logistics, finance, HR, etc.). Collectively we were responsible for over 600 employees, with a financial budget in the range of $40 million, to successfully manage the supply of blood and blood related pharmaceutical products to 60 hospitals. In consulting with us you quickly developed a keen understanding of our organization and its challenges. The sessions that you then held with all of the direct reports to the SMT in both locations significantly increased morale and satisfaction, and resulted in greater cross-functional effectiveness among this important group of leaders within the organization. Those sessions were also a lot of fun and really broke down some long standing barriers. Next, the annual 2-day leadership sessions for the SMT enabled us to get to know each other on a more intimate basis, and helped us to understand each other’s challenges, and work together more effectively toward common objectives. It was really amazing how easily you led us in developing our individual and collective objectives and strategies, and organizational mission in such a short period of time. When we left the meeting we were all in agreement about where we were headed and how we were going to get there, and we were all very excited about it! Our team was recognized nationally for its success, and this is attributable in part to your insight, knowledge, leadership skills, and personal integrity as a Consultant, Trainer and Coach to our organization. Thank you.
Theril Andrews, Former Director
Canadian Blood Services
Hamilton and London Centres


Suggested Titles:

Take the Step, the Bridge Will be There
Empowering, Esteeming & Celebrating Self
Know Thy Self: Three Paths to the Heart

What have you wanted to do but lack the courage or confidence? Some people take the step, but they have little confidence, so the bridge doesn’t appear. Others believe their bridge is there, but manage to postpone action. Faith and action are like two wings of an airplane. You need both to feel empowered to actualize your best life. These workshops are based on Grace Cirocco’s best selling book and focus on self-empowerment, self-esteem, self-knowledge and conquering fear and uncertainty. These programs promote “Intra-personal Intelligence” and are life-changing because they challenge people to think about their core values, their integrity, their relationships, their key priorities and their dreams. People leave feeling “inspired”, “motivated”, and deeply committed to taking positive action in their lives.

“Grace Cirocco has led two workshops for the staff of Queen’s University. In 1999, she led a workshop entitled ‘Empowering, Esteeming, and Celebrating Self’ for approximately 200 staff members, and in 2001 ‘Take the Step: The Bridge Will Be There’ for the same number of people. Feedback from both workshops was overwhelmingly positive – people just love her! Grace has excellent presentation and communication skills and the ability to connect with her audience in a very human way. She is a charismatic woman who speaks from her heart and touches the hearts and souls of her audience. Wit, wisdom, passion, energy and integrity are the qualities that stand out in my mind. The world needs more ‘Grace’!”
Wendy Lloyd, Coordinator
Employee Development, Human Resources
Queen’s University


Suggested Titles:

Getting Your Message Through: Unlocking the Emotional Brain

Getting along or inter-personal intelligence is the capacity to understand and interact effectively with others. Research shows that the best communicators know how to instantly build rapport, trust and credibility with their audience. These social geniuses know how to unlock the emotional brain of their listeners and make that important first impression. Master this skill and build your sales; master this skill and lead your team; master this skill and gain lasting, rewarding relationships Effective Communication Skills Effective communicators know that 93% of their message is non-verbal. They know that their tone of voice or a simple gesture can override what they say. That’s because most communication happens heart to heart not mind to mind. In this workshop, you will learn to diagnose your body language, what your handshake says about you, how to listen with your eyes, understand and respond to people’s meta-talk, and increase your charisma quotient. You will also learn the 7/11 rule, how to use powerful words to create a positive impression, how to set boundaries and say “no”, and how to stay calm, cool and collected in negative situations by practising a series of assertive techniques.

Dear Grace, Thank you for your wonderful workshop…. Not only did you teach our managers and supervisors to communicate in a more assertive and productive way, you have made our organization a better place to work. Never has a training consultant made such an impact in the lives of my staff than you. We all feel richer just to have known you.
John Carlucci, Customer Service Manager
U.S. Postal Services, Newark, N. J

I hired Grace to custom design a series of eight workshops to address communication, teamwork and relationship issues after two of my district offices were folded into one. We needed to become one service delivery unit but this change was not welcomed by the managers and staff and as a result there was a lot of tension and conflict. The methodology that was developed by Grace to address my expected outcomes was flawless and indeed the results exceeded all our expectations. Through finely honed effective listening, the group training sessions that she designed and delivered for us uncovered long standing interpersonal and operational issues. Her skill at knowing when to press forward and when to retreat in order to uncover the issues was skilled and respectful. Grace is tenacious without being confrontational; results oriented yet very people focused. Altogether a very impressive ensemble of skill sets that paves the way for the manager to build upon over time.
Joanne Harrington, Deputy Regional Director General
Ontario Region, Veterans Affairs Canada

Dear Grace, I want to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did in developing and presenting your two workshops for our Product Marketing group. We were undergoing a great deal of change and uncertainty and the very thorough preparation work you did ensured that you ‘hit the nail on the head’ by providing exactly what was needed. Your presentation style is so dynamic and engaging that you had no problem drawing out a normally very conservative group and ensuring they embraced the new concepts you introduced. We heard rave reviews from all the participants and observed a change in the dynamics and productivity of the group in the weeks and months following the sessions. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Janet Boychuk, Director Product Marketing
Hallmark Canada


Suggested Titles:

Stress Solutions for Life in the Fast Lane or
Balancing the 4 Circles of Wellness
Navigating Change & Uncertainty

Nearly 50 percent of North Americans are chronically tired. Many are burned-out, stressed and sick but they don’t even know it. That’s because too many fail to balance their multiple roles and responsibilities with their need for health and wellness. So they don’t pay attention to the “signs of stress” until it’s too late. Consequently 75 -90% of all doctors visits are ultimately stress-related. In this interactive and inspirational workshop you will get to diagnose which area of your life you may be neglecting. Is it your mind (psychological), your heart (emotional), your body (physical), or your soul (spiritual)? After these workshops, you will walk away not only with a commitment to stay conscious to the stressors in your life but with powerful stress-busting strategies to keep you resilient and healthy through times of change and uncertainty. These workshops are completely customized for client’s needs.

Dear Grace, Our management team enjoyed the afternoon you spent with us re-programming us to examine a more balanced perspective. Understanding stress is something I think we all intuitively have a feel for but being able to compartmentalize the solutions for dealing with it was something we had not thought very much about. Certainly, the stress solutions you provided by addressing the Mind, the Soul, the Body and the Heart were a cause to pause for everyone. Thanks for preparing us to look inside ourselves for these building blocks. I thank you for your professionalism and your attention to detail in preparing for and executing this workshop for us.
Mr. Rob Kochel, Vice President
National Sales Manager
AIM/Trimark Investments

Our organization had recently undergone major organizational restructuring, resulting in major changes in jobs, business processes and relocation for many of our staff. Our staff needed an opportunity and a venue to be re-energized and to celebrate the past….building on their successes and identifying those tools we use to cope with major stressors in life. Grace designed a workshop to address our needs and she was absolutely tremendous! She combined humour with insight, sadness with joy, congratulations with motivation — and she did this with finesse. You cannot help but be invigorated with her high energy. Grace is a dynamic and sincere speaker who captures her audience from the first moment and keeps them captive and participatory throughout the presentation…she is truly gifted.
Kay Morrison Director of Client Services
Community Care Access Center (CCAC)
Simcoe County


Suggested Titles:

Cultivating the Leader Within
Putting the Oxygen Mask on First: Stress Solutions for the Super Stressed
Outrageous Confidence
Finding Peace in the Fast Lane
Stress, Balance & You: A Woman’s Workshop

Research shows that women in general feel more stressed than men. Why this is and the specific issues, concerns and multiple roles and responsibilities that most modern women face today will be addressed. You will diagnose your stressors and gain an understanding of the mind/body connection and why stress is responsible for so much of what ails us. You will learn and practice powerful stress-busting strategies and share with other women best practices for keeping a balanced, healthy and positive attitude towards the demands of daily life.

Dear Grace: How can I ever thank you for such a memorable day? The message you delivered at our Women’s Leadership Conference certainly affected the entire audience. Your warmth and grace came through to everyone present.  I know they will never look at life in the same way. Your incorporation of Georgian Court pictures in the power point presentation and the Mercy values which line our drive, made the day so very special to all of us. When I returned to the office on Monday, I used your “finger pointing” technique with some of my faculty and staff. I wanted them to realize vision needs to come prior to action. They were amazed at the results. I asked them to share the technique in the classroom so their students will visualize success and reach their goals… Remember we always have an extra suite for you at Georgian Court and hopefully our paths will cross again.  In deep appreciation.
Mary Lee Batesko
Chairperson – School of Education
Georgian Court University Past President,
Delta Kappa Gamma-New Jersey, USA

Dear Grace: I very much enjoyed hearing you speak at the Leadership Conference at Georgian Court University yesterday. The combination of your wisdom, warmth, and wit both inform and delight your audience. You epitomize the three W’s of a “WOW” factor in my opinion! I also was honored to be a member of your panel. I have enjoyed your Take the Step, the bridge will be There  book and plan on using it in a course that I am teaching in the spring.  It is a personal growth group course and I think your book will be a valuable asset.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful Self with us. You are truly an inspiration and an excellent example of how to use well the gifts that God gave us.
Dr. Sandy Sessa
Professor of Psychology
Georgian Court University
Lakewood, New Jersey

Grace gives so much of herself when she gives a presentation. You literally feel her passion, her enthusiasm for the message she has to deliver. And it is a powerful message. It’s like a wake up call that life is all too short, and that it is all too easy to let life pass by and never to realize your potential, your dreams. She touched many lives with her words of wisdom at our Company of Women event where we had nearly 300 women attending. And not only women! That night, one of the waiters at the hotel where we held our event came up to Grace to tell her that even though he had only heard bits and pieces of her presentation, she had inspired him to quit his job as a waiter and begin ESL classes immediately. He told her that he came to Canada as an engineer, but the lack of English was keeping him stuck as a waiter. Thank you Grace for your honesty, your passion and your love of people. Tashi deley!
Anne Day, Founder
Company of Women
Oakville, Canada

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