Meet Grace

Meet Grace

Meet Grace

Who is Grace Cirocco?

Grace Cirocco is  a life and relationship coach, a workshop and retreat facilitator, a professional Speaker and the author of  the Harper Collins best-selling classicTake the Step, the Bridge Will be There available in several languages around the world. Grace’s mission is to empower, inspire and heal and she does so with great gusto and charm whether it’s through her writings or at one of her experiential educational programs.  Grace’s warmth and enchanting style catalyzes people  into meaningful action beckoning them to cross the river of change.  Grace’s message is to know thyself and live authentically and courageously; to heal the dark side and reach for the luminous places not only within ourselves, but in one another.

Grace specializes in Relationship Intervention. Her Couples Weekend Intensive attracts couples from all over Canada and the United States. It has been so successful that Grace has gained a wide reputation with marriage therapists on both sides of the border who regularly refer their most “difficult cases” to Grace. Her overwhelming success with couples has to do with a unique healing process that she has pioneered (Emotional Brain Therapy, EBT™), which helps couples heal from trauma and negative emotions stuck in the emotional part of the brain. Grace has been practicing this unique form of emotions-focused therapy long before university researchers discovered that traditional talk therapy is not effective when working with couples. Over 3000 couples have benefitted from  The Grace Fix, her intensive marriage retreat that she created and delivers in her hometown of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Hundreds of couples credit Grace’s program for “saving their marriage”. Just check out some of her amazing Testimonials.

Grace is impatient for change. Using her knowledge of mental and emotional health as well as an integrated approach with traditional and non traditional therapies, Grace has helped transform the lives of thousands of men and women with her one-on-one Coaching and at her Intensive Retreats. Her programs for men and women are simply “life changing” and many organizations have paid for their staff to attend. Even the Government of Canada has sent public servants who have been on short term disability (stress leave) to Grace’s intensives with outstanding results. Just read some of Grace’s amazing testimonials to see the difference she has made in the lives of so many people!

Through her training company, GRACE CIROCCO INC., she also offers customized seminars and keynotes for the private and public sector. Grace has a wealth of experience in designing and teaching quality training programs. She has delivered her presentations to tens of thousands of people on three continents.  She works with organizational leaders and wellness committees to create out-of-the-box customized presentations. Her philosophy that the heart must be engaged in what we do coupled with research that the brain is plastic allows her to gently nudge people towards greater personal responsibility, meaning, and empowerment.  Grace’s style is direct but loving, charismatic yet practical, wise but also entertaining and she has received numerous standing ovations in her twenty-five year speaking career.  Her recent clients include Ontario Public Health, Johnson & Johnson and McMaster University.   For a complete list of clients click hereCheck out her Keynotes.

Education & Affiliations: Grace holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Philosophy from Queen’s University at Kingston (Canada) and has completed graduate studies in Ethics and Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario.  Grace has studied Psychology, Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity as well as a wide variety of traditional and holistic healing modalities including Cognitive Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology including EFT (Tapping).  Some of the people Grace has learned from are Psych-K  Founder Robert Williams, EFT Founder, Gary Craig, Dr. Norman Doidge,  Dr. Bruce Lipton, Donna Eden, and David Feinstein. Grace is a graduate of the Certified Coach Intensive with CoachVille and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Grace is a also a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and the Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies.

Grace is Loved By Women’s Groups:  Many women’s organizations have invited Grace to deliver her empowering keynotes and workshops at conferences, educational events or special celebrations in Canada and the United States. Some of these organizations include Athena International, Georgian Court University, Delta Kappa Gamma International, National Charity League,The Rosie Fund Board, Women in Action of Washington, Association of Administrative Assistants, Women in Motion, Women Entrepreneurs of Canada, Women with Vision, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Canadian Association of Women Executives, Company of Women and Administrative Professionals Conference and many more.

Grace is the only Canadian author invited to contribute an essay in the best selling book, If Women Ruled the World supported and endorsed by Marie C. Wilson of the White House Project. All profits from the sale of this book go to help women’s charities. Grace is a mentor to her own daughter and women of all ages and sits on the board of several women’s organizations. In 2004, Grace founded the Goddess Club”, a monthly women’s circle focusing on emotional and spiritual growth which has become a beautiful and loving community of women supporting women. Regulars will drive hundreds of miles each month to attend Grace’s monthly workshops.

Grace has authored a number of CD programs including:  Journey to the Self: Finding Meaning in a World of ChangeCultivating Gratitude, a meditation program to alleviate stress and negativity as well as Connecting with Your Spiritual Guide and various other meditations designed to give people calm and a sense of wellbeing. During the pandemic she stayed in touch with her clients through a series of educational webinars. 

Media Attention: Grace has been interviewed on national radio and television talk shows, including CBC TV, CBC Radio, CTV, City TV, CHCH TV, TLN, CFRB Radio 1010 and many private radio stations across Canada and the United States about her best selling book and her work. Grace’s articles and ideas have appeared in national newspapers, magazines and many internet newsletters and sites.

Grace is a former senior faculty member with the Canadian Management Centre having designed and delivered leadership courses to public and private sector clients. Grace started her speaking career in the early 1990’s by working as an International Seminar Leader for Fred Pryor Resources, the world’s largest one-day seminar company. She delivered hundreds of seminars to business professionals in Canada, the United States,  Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Grace was well loved by her attendees boasting one of the highest “satisfied customers” ratings in the company.

Grace’s most recent project is a Wellness Center in downtown St. Catharines which offers leading edge technology to help people live with less pain and more vitality and health.

Former Life: Grace Cirocco is a former broadcast journalist with CBC Radio having worked as a reporter, editor and producer for CBC National News and Current Affairs programming in Toronto and Calgary. In 1988 she received an award of distinction in broadcasting for her coverage of the Calgary Winter Olympics. She also worked in private radio in San Diego, California where she produced a three-hour business and lifestyle show whose listening market was estimated at 20 million people. She brought the show, “Money Matters” from #10 in the ratings to #1 in just a few months.

Personal: Grace has been married to her best friend for 35 years, and together they have raised a son and a daughter.  She lives in her beloved Niagara peninsula and sees clients in her downtown St. Catharines office. During the pandemic, Grace has coached hundreds of people via zoom, Whatsapp and Facetime.

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