Relationship & Marriage Retreat for Couples

Experience “The Grace Fix”–A Weekend Intensive for Couples

My Marriage Intensive Weekend for Couples will blow your socks off! Whether you are in crisis or simply needing a relationship re-set, you will love everything about The Grace Fix Marriage Intensive. Learn how to communicate your feelings, let go of the hurts and experience an emotional connection like never before. Couples new and old, married or unmarried, gay or straight are invited to join this workshop. It is open to all couples interested in healing and enhancing an intimate partnership.

Upcoming Couples Marriage Retreats in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Couples Retreat Ontario   Registration Form   Registration Form     Couples Retreat Ontario
      June 28-30, 2024              SOLD OUT!    White Oaks Resort & Spa
Niagara-On- The-Lake 

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        August 2-4, 2024          Space Available   White Oaks Resort & Spa

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  Oct. 18-20, 2024                  Space Available         White Oaks Resort & Spa

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        Nov 22-24, 2024                      Space Available             White Oaks Resort & Spa

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   January 2025 TBA              

AGENDA:  Friday 7:30pm – 10:30 pm; Saturday 9am – 6pm; Sunday 9am – 6pm.

First couple to register for each date receives a FREE gorgeous room upgrade at the Resort!



All you have to do is fill out a registration form and keep the date open in your calendar.  We will let you know asap if we can accommodate you.   If  you are in relationship crisis and need immediate help, contact Grace about her emotions-based relationship coaching.   Email her directly at 

What to Expect From Grace’s Marriage Counselling Retreat

The GRACE FIX COUPLES RETREAT is a unique weekend workshop INTENSIVE for couples focused on “emotional intelligence”.  It is not one-on-one traditional talk-therapy nor is it counselling, though Grace does spend time alone with each couple coaching and guiding because she has studied your issues before you arrive. Once you register, you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire outlining your history and your relationship issues, usually 4-7 pages of background that you will email to Grace. Your answers will be kept in strict confidence.

From this place, Grace will study your relationship needs and dynamics and will be able to direct you during the interactive exercises. Grace has an amazing ability to get to the core issues in any relationship and can make both parties feel understood and emotionally safe so that maximum healing can take place. Grace accepts up to 10 couples at each retreat.


The workshop is held in a beautiful extra large ballroom at a luxury hotel resort. During the workshop, Grace will teach you many things about your emotions, relationship needs and communication techniques and then invite you to engage and practice with your partner one-on-one in private.  The room is  extra large and couples will be asked to spread out and find a private space to conduct their communication.  Each lesson and exercise is part of the unique therapy process designed to open the heart and increase intimacy, compassion and understanding between you. This is when the greatest healing shifts occur. Should hot issues arise during this time, Grace is there to coach and navigate between you. Even though your issues will be kept private, most couples report feeling a source of strength and kinship from the other couples present knowing that they are not alone in their relationship struggles.

It is quite AMAZING what happens at her Couples Retreats! During the weekend, Grace will help you stretch your emotional intelligence muscles by teaching you her unique healing process. She will also share with you the latest research on male/female brain science, attachment theory and advanced communication skills; also some life lessons she’s learned from her own 39 year marriage.  With this knowledge and hands-on practice, each person courageously navigates their partner’s difficult feelings and starts  regulating their own emotional reactions. The result? The walls come down. Compassion turns into understanding resulting in deep healing and a stronger emotional bond.


Grace’s Marriage weekend is not a religious retreat. It is however, intense, experiential and the equivalent of 12 months of weekly traditional couples counselling.  It is recommended by many marriage therapists in both Canada and the U.S. Grace has worked with over 3000 couples and has a stunning success rate with couples in crisis.  In other words, if you are considering a divorce and are already separated, you have an excellent chance of a complete turnaround.  For couples not in crisis, the program is preventative and an opportunity for a “re-set”.  Grace’s success is largely due to the safe and loving space she can create between you and your partner so that maximum truth telling and healing can happen. Please be aware that couples attending are all at different stages from “happily-married-just-needing-a-tune-up”  to “separated-and-going-through-relationship-hell” and everything in between.


Grace has been a “Dear Abbey” her whole life. She is a master at relationship intervention, conflict resolution and understanding people’s emotional and psychological needs.  Because she’s an Empath, she “gets” people. Her innate compassion and empathy allows her to navigate through your personal issues with sensitivity and care but she is also tough when she has to be. People love her direct, no-nonsense-tell-it-like-it-is approach and her down-to-earth charm and charisma wins favour from skeptics and fans alike.

Grace’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Philosophy  Queen’s University at Kingston  and graduate studies in Philosophy  University of Western Ontario.  Grace has studied a wide variety of traditional and holistic healing modalities including Cognitive Therapy, Neuro-science, Neuro-plasticity, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


Grace is an expert in an emotional healing process that she has pioneered (Emotional Brain Therapy, EBT™ ) and over the years perfected, which allows negative feelings caused by betrayal, deception, infidelity, abandonment, abuse, or any other conflict to become unblocked in the Emotional Brain (where all trauma is registered) and be healed. Once this negative energy clears out, the positive feelings return and years of disconnection end putting you on the path of love, joy and happiness. It is quite miraculous what can happen when you teach people how to clear out their negative feelings for one another.

Grace has been practicing this unique form of emotional healing for couples  for over 25 years, long before university researchers discovered that traditional talk therapy is not effective with couples.  In what is being called “the new science of love” in major universities around the world, it has been found that relationship therapy centered around expressing and healing emotions is ten times more effective for creating long lasting love.  Grace’s Emotional Brain Therapy helps couples heal negative emotions and develop  greater emotional intelligence and self awareness.  Couples are able to forgive and restore trust, love and respect.


Grace’s Couples Retreat has been so successful that it has gained a wide reputation with marriage therapists and counselors in Canada and the United States who regularly send her their most “difficult cases”. Thousands of couples credit Grace with saving their marriage.  To learn more about Grace Cirocco visit her complete bio here.

Read Grace’s amazing testimonials by clicking hereGoogle reviews click here


What You Will Gain by Experiencing “the Grace Fix” at Grace Cirocco’s Couples Retreat Weekend

  • Complete emotional reconciliation for those couples committed to their relationship
  • Clarity and Enlightenment for those who are confused and sitting on the relationship fence
  • Emotional closure and peace for those couples who have decided to end the relationship
  • A restoration of goodwill, trust, and forgiveness between you regardless of outcome
  • How to identify and avoid the negative patterns in your “relationship dance”
  • Emotional intelligence techniques to show love, encouragement and support to your partner
  • Strategies for keeping your communication “emotions-centered” for lasting intimacy
  • Knowledge of how men and women’s brains are wired differently
  • Understanding the 7 stages of intimate relationships & diagnose where you are
  • Knowledge of how childhood trauma can be re-triggered in relationships and what you can do about it
  • Strategies for successfully dealing with the surge that is anger in relationships
  • An incredible feeling of empowerment, enlightenment, and positive energy
  • Greater compassion for yourself and your partner
  • A plan of action for moving forward with no regrets


What if You Feel It’s Too Late for You?

In the book, Tug of War: A Judge’s Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles, and the Bitter Realities of Family Court, Harvey Brownstone says many couples cause extreme hardship for their children and spend thousands of dollars in legal bills unnecessarily because they cannot handle their intense emotions towards each other.  Emotions like anger, vindictiveness, rage, greed, and anxiety produce toxic results not only for the couple but for the children caught in the middle.  He says, marriages may end, but couples with children need to learn how to co-parent and continue talking to one another even through difficult emotions and not in the courtroom!

If divorce or separation is your decision, Grace’s program can help you find your inner peace and emotional closure regarding this relationship. If the marriage must end, do it from a higher vibration, i.e. more understanding and compassion, and less anger, especially if you intend to co-parent your children. Significant research shows that it’s not divorce that hurts kids, but the name calling, criticism and tension marital breakdowns create within the family.  Investing in this Intensive weekend program will not only save you huge legal bills, (the average divorce in North America costs anywhere between $50,000 – $100,000!) but it will help you be the positive role model your kids need during this difficult time. Another benefit is that you’ll understand yourself and what went wrong in the relationship so that you don’t end up attracting the same “dance” with a new partner.

What if You’re Not in Crisis?

You don’t have to be in crisis to enjoy and benefit from this relationship retreat. 60% of our couples come because they realize that if they don’t deal with their hot issues, they could very well be. Every relationship has “issues”. Rather than sweep problems under the rug, it’s important that you learn how to navigate through the negative emotions and solve problems as they come up.  Take a preventative and proactive approach and sign up now.  You’ll learn and practice communication tools that will help you navigate through your feelings and reconnect heart to heart like you’ve never done before. Many parents have gifted this weekend retreat to children as a wedding gift.

Read Grace’s amazing testimonials by clicking here.

Your Investment $1299 + HST (13% tax) CDN per person.  Receive your tuition back if not satisfied with the quality and value of the retreat.

What your Couples Weekend Package Includes:

  • Tuition: 19 therapeutic workshop hours with Grace Cirocco
  • An in depth pre-workshop questionnaire from each of you that Grace studies before she meets you
  • Individual coaching with Grace as needed throughout weekend
  • All course materials including a Workshop Manual written by Grace Cirocco
  • 2 Spectacular Buffet Breakfasts Saturday and Sunday
  • 2 three course gourmet lunches with beverages Saturday and Sunday
  • Continuous coffee breaks with snacks, fruit and refreshments throughout weekend
  • Free copy of Grace’s bestselling book and CD
  • A 30 minute check in call with Grace to be used within 60 days following the retreat

This fee does NOT include your hotel reservation as some people have points and others wish to upgrade their rooms. Please contact the hotel directly and tell them you are part of Grace’s Couple’s Retreats to reserve your space.  This fee does NOT include your dinner on the Saturday night as the workshop ends at 6pm that evening and couples are encouraged to create a private “date night”  in either Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Please Note: Generous Payment plans are available.

FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES? Don’t let money stand in your way of getting the healing and peace you both deserve and keep in mind that the average divorce in Canada is $50,000, higher in the USA.  If you are experiencing financial stress and wish to qualify for a partial scholarship, send your request along with a brief description of your situation and both of your Tax Notice of Assessments directly to This information will be kept in strict confidence and Grace will respond to you directly.

We are so confident that you will find tremendous value in our retreat, that Grace will refund the tuition portion if you don’t find value in her program. Please note: Only valid within 24 hours of completing the retreat.  Also note: This is NOT a guarantee that your marriage will be saved if you’re in crisis, but it is a guarantee that you will heal, and grow, and leave with more understanding and compassion for yourself and your partner. 

How to Register for the Couples Retreat Weekend:

Two Steps: A Registration Form +  $1000 (Cdn) deposit per COUPLE is required to reserve your spot.

By E-Transfer  Click here to fill out the registration form. Then  E-transfer your deposit to  Auto-deposit has been set up. It’s fast, easy, & secure.

By Credit Card:  Click here to fill out the registration form. Then call our confidential 24 hour hotline 905-688-0868 with your Visa or Mastercard.  (We do not accept Amex)  Please Note: There will be a fee of $50 + hst  (Total: $56.50) added per couple if paying by credit card.

Please Note: Your spot at our retreat is not reserved until we receive your $1000 deposit.


REGISTER EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT!   Grace’s Couple’s Retreats always sell out and often we have to disappoint couples in crisis who are desperate to come. Please note: Even if it says “Sold Out”, get yourself on our cancellation list because we often get last minute cancellations.  Call us 905-688-0868. We will make every effort to accommodate you at the last minute!

Our 5 Star Retreat Venues in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

    1. White Oaks Resort & Spa,  253 Taylor Road,  Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  Canada  1-905-688-2550 or toll free 1-800-263-5766   White Oaks Resort & Spa 
    2. Pillar and Post Inn, (Vintage Inns), 48 John St. W., Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Canada  1-905-468-2123 or toll free 1-888-669-5566    Pillar and Post Inn

 Grace is proud to welcome couples to her hometown of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.  Our Niagara venues are ideal for a couples weekend retreat and have been hand-picked because of their ideal setting and old world charm. The 5 star, award winning, 4 diamond, White Oaks Spa & Resort has a reputation for its gourmet meals, quality service, health club and spa and attention to detail.

The Pillar n’ Post is categorized as a 4 diamond  Inn of Distinction belonging to the Vintage Inn Collection of hotels that have not only won awards but have hosted international celebrities.  Our properties are located in picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake voted the “prettiest town in North America” by travel editors. Niagara-on-the-Lake is located 1.5 hours from the Toronto airport and 45 minutes from Buffalo airport and 20 minutes from Niagara Falls, Canada, the #1 honeymoon destination in the world. 

Booking Your Room

We have negotiated extra special rates for our guests coming to Grace’s Couples Retreat. Rooms are held for us up until 2 weeks before. If you’re booking at the last minute, there may not be any rooms left and you may have to find another hotel nearby. If you’re staying elsewhere, please note that both breakfast and lunch is included at our venue. 

Sign up early: The first couple to register receives a complimentary room upgrade at the White Oaks Resort & Spa. Please register with us before booking your room.   



QUESTIONS? Content or Relationship issues Contact Grace or call our office at 905-688-0868

WELCOME LETTER: Once your registration form and deposit is received, you will each be emailed a Welcome Letter from Grace which will outline all the information you will need regarding your weekend, including what to bring with you. You will also receive a questionnaire regarding your marital issues that you are required to fill out individually and send to Grace. Reading your story before she meets you allows her to customize the program to your needs so that you can both get the most out of the weekend.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations received 15 days or more prior to the start date of the workshop, you will be refunded all monies less $100 for admin fee. Cancellations received  within 8-14 days of the start date of your retreat, you will be refunded 50% of the fee.  Cancellations received 7 days or less will result in no refund. We realize that sometimes in life there are emergency situations and only in such circumstances and based on the sole discretion of Grace Cirocco will consideration be given for a one time opportunity to transfer your registration to a future retreat within 12 months or to transfer your registration to the next Take the Step Intensive for women.  PLEASE NOTE:  GRACE CIROCCO INC. is not responsible for prepaid, non-refundable travel arrangements.  There is no refund or consideration for “NO-SHOWS”.

Still not convinced?

Read Grace Cirocco’s   amazing testimonials by clicking hereGoogle reviews click here

Feel free to give us a call at 905-688-0868 if you have any questions or better yet, email Grace directly  at  or click on the Contact us link on this website.

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