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The Biggest Myth in Marriage

Learn to de-bunk this myth and you will take the pressure off of your relationship—not only that–you’ll enjoy more peace, harmony and love!

The Biggest Myth in Marriage PODCAST Listen here.



Synchronicity & Angel Guidance

Your Celestial team of angels, spiritual messengers and guides are trying to communicate with you so that you can have a more peaceful, joyful and balanced life. Will you pick up the call?

Synchronicity & Angel Guidance PODCAST Listen here.



Living An Authentic Life

So much of our emotional and psychological dysfunction stems from lying to ourselves and to others. Authenticity begins with Truth. Are you ready to step into the Light?


Living An Authentic Life PODCAST Listen here.



Empathy Skills for Difficult Times


Empathy Skills for Difficult Times PODCAST Listen here.



Boosting Self-Esteem

Boosting Self-Esteem PODCAST Listen here.

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