WWW Testimonials

“The wise warrior weekend has given me the tools and the confidence to do more and give more on a daily basis. It was a great learning experience that I will never forget! I truly believe anyone could benefit from this program. If you are looking for different ways to change your life for the better, this program will change your life.  The WWW gave me hope, reassurance and peace of mind. Thanks Grace for being a leader and an inspiration to me. You are truly special. It was a blessing to have met you.”  Matt Block, Kitchener, ON

“Grace, thank you for such an incredible experience. ‎The way you are with each of us— the compassion you have for everyone right from the moment we walked in the door really helped to create an environment of trust in such a very short time. You truly are a gift from the heavens Grace!  I realize this is just a first step for me but what a giant leap it is and I look forward to taking on the challenges ahead. It helped me open up about some of the terrible things that I lived with as a child. It has been a great relief. I would highly recommend the Wise Warrior Weekend to other men.”  Mike Haydon, Swift Current, SK

Hi Grace:” I just wanted to express to you how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to be a part of your Wise Warrior experience. I learned some things about myself and finally feel like I’m getting to know me. I was resistant to this process for a very long time. I’m extremely grateful to you. I can’t tell you how much of an impact you have  had on me. You’re an incredible person Grace and truly a gift to humanity.  Thank you.” Jason S. Toronto, ON

I can’t thank you enough for the Wise Warrior Weekend.  It brought out things that I had no idea I had been bottling up for so many years. I am finally at peace with my father and I finally have clarity about my direction in life.  I also realize the importance of family and, even greater, the importance of my life partner. I have been blessed with family who loves and support me in whatever capacity.  Grace, you are truly an amazing person blessed with such a gift that everyone needs to be touched by it.  I have been practising your meditation techniques to alleviate stress at work. I’m happy that I got to meet the other men that I can now call “friends”.  Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. Joseph D.  Barrie, ON

“Wow, what a weekend it has been! I am still “coming back” to the everyday, and I find myself loaded with different thoughts, memories and emotions that keep “bubbling” up! I really feel that there was this big “cork” stuck inside me, pounded down until it became so hard that it could not be moved! Like some old wine that had this big block that needed to be chipped and chipped away. The greatest gift that I received from your Men’s Weekend was being able to release old locked-up beliefs and thoughts that have held me back in so many ways for years. I feel much more inspired, more relieved at being able to finally let go of negative thoughts and much more at peace with my inner being.  I would whole-heartedly recommend this program to other men. Men need this in their lives, to allow themselves to dig deep and understand themselves better, all in the confines of acceptance from other men.  Keep doing this work for men Grace!” N. H., Oakville

“If you’re stuck in patterns of conflict or fights with the core people in your life, and you’re ready to change your life for the better but don’t know where to start, then this is the weekend for you! Far too many men in today’s society are ‘emotionally constipated’ because they suppress or hide their emotions rather than letting them flow. Grace is an intuitive healer who is able to ‘read’ you and help you tune in to your own authentic self. She has designed an awesome program that helps you get in touch with deeply buried hurts and pains, and then flush out the toxic emotions. She creates an environment where it is safe to share your deepest pain and anger, and where you are supported – and want to support others in their own personal journey. Like many warriors who attended the weekend, I already knew Grace’s gift for healing from having attended her couples retreat – and knew that this would be a healing moment in my life. But it took me over a year before I felt ready to tackle the really old ‘stuff’ that was blocking me from dealing with my 50% of the negative dance that couples do. Come ready to share, to think, and to finally let some old emotions flow through and get flushed out. Be open to change and you’ll be rewarded many times over. Grace is truly an angel who can transform your life! Take the step!!”   Allan T.  Brampton, ON

“Hi Grace, just wanted to say thanks again for a GREAT weekend. I didn’t know what to expect from your men’s retreat but I was extremely happy with the results. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt  this relaxed and at peace and my wife as well as my kids have noticed the difference in me. I have had an open and honest dialogue with my wife which we badly needed and for the first time in a long time, I feel true hope and optimism. We can now move forward as a couple. No matter what happens, I have no fear of any outcome. Thanks so much and I send you the biggest, strongest hug with all the love in the world behind it.”  Larry L.  Cambridge

“Dear Grace: When Larry walked in the door after your Men’s Weekend, he had a look of serenity on his face that I have NEVER seen before. It was a transformation! He has forgiven me, and is now able to enjoy life again and is truly happy. Of course this reverberated 1000 x with me and I feel close to him again. I feel like he is my partner and not just another person in the house that I need to take care of.  I was worried that we were going to go through life more like room-mates then husband and wife, so I thank you SOOO very much for helping us both, first at the couples retreat and now with the Warriors Retreat. We love you and thank you for all that you have done for us!”   Joanne L.  Cambridge, ON

“Grace, your Wise Warrior Weekend far surpassed any expectations I had and I think every man should attend your program. There were far too many highlights and moments that stand out for me.  I now believe in spirits, positive thinking, energy and self healing.  You taught us so many things that people don’t talk about or teach us.  You are more than just a teacher Grace.  You are a life teacher, a coach, an angel.  Just your presence makes everybody around you feel better.  Thank you for everything.  This work is extremely important for men because we suppress our feelings.   The transformation from Friday to Sunday in every man  was incredible!  I felt like a new  person by Sunday night.  Grace, you have a special gift that enlightens everything and everyone around you.  My wife and I did your Marriage Retreat a year and a half ago and we have never been happier.  We are doing better now as a married couple then we were while dating 10 years ago.  And now this important work I did at your Warriors will further impact my life in positive ways. Thank you!”   Andy Medeiros, London

“The Men’s Retreat exceeded my expectations. I had faith in Grace after the couples retreat and knew this retreat would help me but not to this extent. The whole process was so well orchestrated. I can now live my life the way I always wanted to without the constant noise in my head telling me otherwise, and if the noise does enter my head, Grace provided me with tools so I can help myself in the future.  In order for a man to heal, he needs to explore the past and feel his pain in order to release it. This retreat can provide this for men, it’s a difficult choice to make initially due to the “macho” stereotype that men have in society but once you’re there, miraculous things happen!!!” Mike Albert, Ottawa

“Grace: To sum it up my life is changing in so many ways. I am starting to like myself more and more everyday and look forward to the new life I am creating for me and my family. I have found it a little overwhelming at times as I do not know how to handle everything but I sure do think differently about my issues and feel more empowered about my past. Just so you know, I do believe and have taken that first step onto the bridge and I am totally grateful to have found someone as wonderful as you with your vast knowledge and your ability to reach me deep in my man cave to help me make the necessary positive changes in my life. I am looking forward to the Couples retreat now with my wife. Thanks for everything and see you soon!”  Rusty M. Calgary

“I have to admit Grace that I was very nervous and had my reservations before attending your Wise Warrior Men’s Retreat,  however by the first night my opinion had changed. This was an excellent retreat for me as it gave me an opportunity to openly discuss my issues without having to worry about  being judged by others. The work you do during the retreat really helps put things in perspective and helps us uncover things  or peel the onion the the greater root causes versus just the surface symptoms. The other amazing thing is that it helps you build a network of support. Thank you again for hosting such an valuable and important retreat for men, it makes a world of difference.”  Albert T. Toronto

“Dear Grace: I have wanted to connect with my inner self for a long time, however, I didn’t know how, or if it was really possible.  After your men`s weekend, I feel  a greater sense of self confidence, internal calm, as well as excitement towards beginning this journey with myself.  Until this weekend – my life was driven based on what I thought I was supposed to be to other people.  I had a number of self-limiting beliefs that were not helping me.   I was tired of being on auto-pilot and living a false-life driven by the need to avoid conflict, and please everyone (no matter the cost to my own spirit).  My children need the genuine me and a positive role model for their lives. I now understand how my sub-conscious is driving 95% of my life and how not to repeat history.  I loved your guided meditations as well as the Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  I reached a state in the guided meditation process that I felt a deep connection with my inner self.  I finally connected with the real me.  The energy that I felt go through my body was amazing and I can still feel it when I think back to that moment. I’m now ready to start stepping out of my comfort zone and tackle/discover my true self.  I’m looking at things differently with a new perspective.”   Doug C. Waterloo, ON

“I have tried searching for answers through self-help books, websites, friends, …  I needed an intensive program that was in a secure and anonymous environment.  I was particularly interested in the variety of approaches in Grace’s Wise Warrior Weekend (talk therapy, journaling, NLP, guided meditation, …)  Each exercise provided the stepping stone to the next exercise.  This work is extremely important for men.  Men for the most part have been programmed to suppress emotion and are to be in control at all times.  As a professional – I see the number of insecure people, trying to meet unrealistic expectations, compete with their co-workers, neighbours, and essentially living as empty shells continuously rising.  What frightens me  is the impact this is going to have on our children.  Men and all of society have to step back and reconnect with their emotions and their sub-conscious selves if they have any hope of being genuine to themselves, their spouse, and children. Thank you Grace for having the courage to design and deliver this retreat for men.”   Tom P. Toronto

“Dear Grace: You are a savior. The honesty and sincerity you have for helping people is truly inspirational. Please do not ever stop helping people like me and my warrior brothers.  Every day I think of something that happened at your Warrior Weekend for men, whether it`s something you said, a look on someone’s face, a joke we shared, a revelation, the experience at the waterfalls or the fire. You have awakened the true person in me. I have suppressed the real me for too long. Words alone cannot thank you enough.”  Edward C.  Detroit

“Dear Grace: I don’t ever remember feeling this way, OMG what a beautiful feeling I have in my heart now that my anger is gone. Since I returned from your men’s retreat, all sorts of “signs” and amazing things have happened to me–too many to describe. It is absolutely unbelievable. I feel alive and happy. Thank you so much from my new OPEN HEART !!” Rocco C.  Hamilton

“Dear Grace, I can’t begin to thank you enough for how you have changed my life. I came to you this weekend broken, not really sure about the whole thing. I thought that I would come and find some clarity some answers or some direction for my failed marriage. Instead I found myself dealing with my past, and things in it which I thought I had dealt with.  Grace the greatest gift from this weekend for me, was “you”. You helped me find myself again, a person who had been lost for so long… You helped me to become someone who can now express emotion, and feelings and not worry about being judged.  For this, I will be forever  grateful. I am now at peace and I am ready to take control of my life, and not only live the length of it, but the width of it as well.” Donovan Cochrane, Prince Albert, SASK

“Grace should definitely offer the course again. I saw absolute miracles that weekend. Men that were absolutely crushed on Friday, were completely different people on Sunday.  Grace tirelessly worked for 30+ hours over 3 days, and never showed any sign that she was tired, overwhelmed or wanted to be anywhere else. Near the end of Saturday night, she repeated asked if we had anything else to share… I finally shared some things that I carried inside, and through sharing those, a huge weight has been lifted.”  Joel R. Toronto

“Without a doubt, the greatest gift from the weekend was a new, clear, and deep understanding of me.  I know who I am, and I understand where I come from, why I have done many of the things I’ve done and behaved in the ways that I have, and, more importantly, why I haven’t done many of the things that I have wanted to do.  I am now unblocked and free to choose the path that is true to me, which I have already begun to do.  The type of healing that took place during the workshop is essential to everyone – male and female alike, but our culture still frowns upon the man who wears his heart on his sleeve.  This weekend provided a safe and supportive environment for men to identify, face, and purge “emotional baggage” that they may or may not have even known they had and to walk away feeling a bit taller, with their shoulders a bit further back and their chests sticking a bit further out, and a lot happier and more comfortable with their authentic selves.  I can’t thank you enough, Grace.”  Andrew J.  Ottawa 

“The weekend exceeded my expectations…. I went into the Wise Warrior Weekend thinking that I didn’t have an agenda: I knew that I “had issues” – everyone does – and I identified several of them that might come up during the weekend, but I proclaimed to be open to embracing whichever of them surfaced during the exercises.   About a third of the way through the weekend, I was trying to steer one of the exercises in the direction that I wanted it to go intellectually, but Grace offered a simple insight that turned it around completely and changed the remainder of the weekend into an emotional experience, rather than the academic one that it had been to that point.  Again, this would not have happened, and the deepened understanding of myself that was provided by that and subsequent exercises would not have surfaced, without Grace’s wise and compassionate guidance.”  Tom S.  Waterloo, ON

“Dear Grace: The men’s warrior weekend was excellent. I am very impressed by your work and personality. I have reviewed your book and it is fantastic. You are world class and it is a privilege to know you.” Nicholas P.  Niagara Falls, ON

“My expectations were absolutely met. Anyone can benefit from this kind of work, it is probably more helpful for men than women. Grace, you truly are an angel. Your approach is both inspired and inspiring. You have an amazing ability to connect with people from all walks of life and help them understand what is really going on. On top of that, you don’t let anyone get away with anything which increases your effectiveness exponentially. I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to know you.”   Phil  P. Winnipeg

“The men’s weekend helped me shed a great deal of pain and shame from my past. I had so much shame built up and there was no way for me to free myself of it. I feel like a new man now, even though I still have a great deal to work through that I wasn’t able to get to during the weekend.  I’m horrified by the tragedy of what I experienced  though out my childhood and early adulthood; memories which I hadn’t accessed for years were intact, and I’ve remembered so much that has caused me pain. This weekend was very important for me.” Gary S.  Pickering, ON

“The investment in my own personal healing and introspection with my spirit and soul was helpful…. I particularly was blown away by how powerful  the activities were…the  NLP Group Exercise was powerful because of the tactile and auditory power of my group’s support and then the “over the top” presence of Grace’s love and confirmation were both very empowering. I felt this in the hot seat and also while supporting my team. I was also moved at how vulnerable most us as grown men are with little boy hurts that have been suppressed for too long and have not been fixed …. I think this is important work for everyone….too often we hang out, as you state, in the front seat with the Mind and the Body and never acknowledge the Spirit and Heart in the back seat.”   James M.  Burlington

“Your Men’s retreat was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It’s been six months now and I can’t even begin to tell you how my life has changed for the better. I get along with people now. I don’t have the edge. My wife says she likes me again. My kids are not afraid of me. I can relax. Before, I used to have anxiety all the time. Grace, I am so happy I had the wisdom to come to this. I encourage you to keep offering it to men because there is nothing like this anywhere in North America. I thank you and my family thanks you!! Jack C. Toronto

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