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What people are saying about Grace

A sincere note of thanks to you, Grace! I had the pleasure of hearing you speak in Kitchener recently. I laughed and I cried. You inspired me and you got me thinking in a different way. Thanks to you, I feel closer to realizing my dream. (Paula Bergeron, Woodstock, ON)

Dear Grace, I attended your Queen’s University lecture at the living Arts Center earlier this evening, (I was one of the four ‘kids’ whose parents told us about your wonderful gift) and I have to tell you again that I thoroughly enjoyed being there and absorbing everything you said. I noticed even just walking out of there how much happier and higher I was than I had been before and I appreciate your abilty and courage to share such a wonderful, uplifting feeling with so many other people. Even at 20 years old I could relate to and/or understand everything that you touched on tonight and I find it very comforting to know that there are people like you in this world. (Stefanie Peel, Mississauga, ON)

“Grace Cirocco”: do you have any idea how amazingly well suited you are to your name?
Taken from a random website dictionary:
Grace: Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion.
A characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement.
A sense of fitness or propriety.
A disposition to be generous or helpful; goodwill.
A favor rendered by one who need not do so; indulgence.
An excellence or power granted by God.
Sirocco: A hot or warm southerly wind.

Hearing you speak last night and winning your book was no coincidence. You are a sign and a catalyst in my life, Grace. Over the last 4 weeks, I have been considering a career change. I have strong talents and a Midas touch. It is very difficult to display these talents because I encounter jealousy. Two days ago, I was crushed by hurtful feedback I got from a colleague. Last night, I read your book until 1 AM. I cried, kissed my children in their beds and snuggled next to my warm, loving husband. Today, I woke up with the sun, went for my daily jog and thought about the energy you communicated to me last night. Thank you for putting that warm “Cirocco” wind in my sail. (S.L. Ontario)

From the bottom of all our hearts, we can’t thank you enough…You threw a life line to a whole office of drowning souls. What a difference you made to so many people. It can’t help but occur to me that you were aptly named “Grace”. I hope to be able to see you again, God willing. But between you and me, I think you have pull with Him.” (M. Parr, HRDC, Regina)

“Every attendee left the training site with a sense of determination and purpose do to the energetic presentations of Ms. Cirocco. Ms. Cirocco far exceeded our greatest expectations on what we would receive. She is a model instructor.” (Thomas H. Utzinger, PostMaster, Newark, NJ)

On behalf of the Ladies’ Auxiliary I want to give you our heartfelt gratitude for coming out last night and giving us one of the most passionate, loving and inspiring talks I think I’ve ever heard. You brought many of us to tears with the revelation that we are not invisible and each and everyone of us has much value… I am inundated with calls and emails today saying how wonderful you were and how you have already given many of them light and hope in their lives. (Marisa DeLucca, President, Ladies Auxiliary, CIBPA)

“Grace Cirocco is wonderful. She combines humour and passion to deliver a personalized communication of confidence to each of her listeners. We loved the message and we fell in love with the messenger.” (Catherine Costick, Ottawa)

“What a refreshing idea to come to a government conference and discover the ideas, wisdom and energy of Grace Cirocco. How did they ever find her! I’m glad I had the good sense to sign up for this conference. Bring her back again!” (B. Clark, Revenue Canada, Saskatoon)

“She was absolutely fabulous and inspiring. She is a great public speaker and has the rare power to keep her audience totally interested and attentive the entire time. I was very impressed.” (Joanne Harris, Bank Manager, Melbourne, Australia)

“Exceptional! Personable! High Energy! Projects positive self image, can relate to me and boy can she motivate a crowd! (J. Bradshaw, Peat Marwick Stevenson & Kellogg, London)

“Grace is a woman of tremendous integrity and charisma. Her presentation and communication skills are outstanding. My professional and personal life will be greatly enhanced as a result. An eye-opener…no A SOUL OPENER! (K. Matejka, Santa Barbara)

“There is no scale to measure Grace!! I have more useful tools from today than from my formal training as a physiotherapist.” (K. Kvrgic, Back Institute, Toronto)

“Grace Cirocco is BEYOND EXCELLENCE…there is no place on the evaluation sheet to express Grace’s energy and essence. She awakened something in me that had fallen asleep…you are a gift.” (C.Manning, Manager, Ontario Hydro, Toronto)

“Grace is a wonderful and talented speaker, educator and motivator. I would attend any seminar knowing she is the speaker!” (F. Allen, Hong Kong Bank of Canada, Toronto)

“The best presenter I’ve heard. Too bad we haven’t the ability to clone people yet. We need her in Scotland!” (J. MacIntyre, Edinburgh)

“Excellent sense of humour! The time just flew by. Can her energy and enthusiasm be bottled? (Lisa Malo, Providence Centre, Toronto)

“Grace, you have permanently changed the way I observe myself and others. You have opened a window which allows me to see the world in a whole new light. For this I will be forever thankful. (Sharon Hall, Mowat Express, Mississauga)

“She had my attention the whole day which doesn’t happen often.” (L. Craig, Roxbouroughshire, U.K.)

“On behalf of the more than one hundred people who attended your session, I’d like to thank you for your energy, wisdom, and compassion…. Your session was the most entertaining, informative, and motivational that we’ve ever had at Queen’s. The standing ovation you received attests to that…” (Jeanne Ma, Director, Queen’s University, Kingston)

“What tremendous presentation skills! Made herself known as a real person….” (Bob Wheeler, Engineer, Elan Energy Inc., Calgary)

“In time, I only hope I achieve my goal to the same standard and expertise as Grace Cirocco who is now my benchmark.” (Charlotte Bolton, Darlington, England)

“I have really been inspired and I thank God for you! You are a beautiful person.” After today, I will make changes to manage the stress in my life. Thank you for your wisdom.” (Marilyn Smith, Habitat Company, Chicago)

“Thank you for making FLY HIGHER a terrific success. Your presentation was excellent and memorable. It was truly a pleasure working with someone as dynamic, compassionate and committed as you.” (Cindy Andrew, Mgr., Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario)

“Friendly, outgoing, personable. One can tell that Grace loves what she’s doing by the way her face lights up when she presents the material…” ( B. Junkala, Sudbury)

“Your program “Managing Change from the Inside-Out” was far more than I could have wished for. We were all extremely pleased with the day. You have a knack for making people open up, and your sincerity, interest and energy made for a very compelling experience for all.” (S. Williams, Chair, TASC Committee, Industry Canada)

“Grace was fantastic. This is the third training seminar that I have been to of hers and they are never boring, always informative and upbeat.” (T. Wannamaker, Manager, Ontario Hydro, Toronto)

“I wanted to thank you again for the seminar you gave at KPMG…you brought a fresh and bold approach to the self-knowledge journey. This is timely and beneficial for people in career/job transition to receive the injection of positive advice and process that you offer.” (Douglas Fletcher, C.A., Toronto)

“Grace was totally fantastic–Enthusiastic, optimistic. The best seminar leader I have ever had!! I would love to have her as a life-long counselor on marriage, family, kids, life…” (Linda Johnson, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago)

“Grace was fantastic. If the topic wasn’t motivating enough, Grace made me want to run to work and start fresh.” (Terra Medwid, Restaurant Manager, Calgary)

“Your presentation was very effective . Your material relevant to our changing times. You treat everyone as they are special. You’re a wonderful speaker and hopefully we’ll have you back soon!.” (L. Potvin, Ontario Hydro, Tiverton)

“I’ve heard many speakers in my lifetime, but Grace takes the prize. She is a natural and Canada is lucky to have her. I only hope I can buy your book here soon.” (S. Dobbs, London, England)

“I was compelled to listen to Grace continuously. A very talented speaker with a powerful message. I am motivated to be a better person because of her.” (J. Martin, Newcastle, England)

“I want to thank you for your beautiful “Grace-Filled” message. Words cannot express the gift you have been and continue to be as I continue my soul journey. I know in my heart and soul that I can take the next step and the bridge will be there!” (Corrine Hendricken-Eldershaw, Diagnostic Examiner, Ottawa)

“I can’t thank you enough for your moving, inspirational and thought provoking keynote presentation. I plan to take your message with me, wherever I go. Your message re: visualization resonated with me, and I have already started visualizing what I want to create in my life. I purchased your book, and can’t wait to read it. I will treasure the message you wrote when you signed my book. I thank you for your thoughtfulness. When you hugged me, you said “The world needs you”, twice. Somehow, you knew that this is what I needed to hear. Thank you for helping me to recognize the miracle in myself and others. I will take your words, “the world needs you” with me, through the good and the bad. Thank you for the reminder I desperately needed. I can’t thank you enough, my life has been enriched deeply through your presentation and meeting you. I have already raved about your presentation to several people, and have forwarded your website address to two colleagues, who are interested in your work. Thank you Grace, you truly are an angel.” ( Cristy, Alberta)

“Yesterday morning in not so quiet desperation, I googled spas and came across your retreat information…and then read exerpts from your Bridge book….the tears streamed down my face….clearly I need a spa for my spirit more than my body. In the afternoon I was flipping through channels on the tv and SAW you being interviewed on the Vicki G. show. In the evening I searched Chapters to buy your book…SOLD OUT of the
Etobicoke & Mississauga Chapters stores. WOW.  I will be in touch.” (Cary S.)

“We came to hear you speak at Unity last Sunday. While you guided us through the meditation my husband, teenage son and I had the most amazing experience. The three of us had the exact same angel visit us in the garden, it was my husband’s step-Dad, who was truly an angel on this earth.  He visited each one of us with a different message and filled our hearts with love.  Later when we arrived home, my son, Murray, had a big bag of candies (skittles) and one of our dogs knocked it out of his hands and they fell all over his bed……. Murray screamed out to me “MOM you have to come and see this”….. the candies spelled out  I – heart – U. It was one of those optical illusions that you don’t see right away, but when Murray pointed it out, then it appeared. He said it jumped right off the bed at him.  We were all blown away by this, another message right after your session. You truly are a beacon for LOVE!!!!  I truly believe God uses you to bridge love to those in need and those that have lost their way.. Thank you for Sunday.” I Love you. (Pennie, Mississauga, ON)

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