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“My dearest Grace..out of all the seminars, books, etc that I have read and/or attended, not one of them moved me to the level of spiritual connection as you have. You are love and your women’s retreat awakened my Spirit. I can’t thank you enough. I thank God for your soul and your inspiration. May God and all the angels continue to watch over you and your family and give you the wisdom you need to continue doing this work.” Juanita Shay, Porter’s Lake, NS


“Grace Cirocco is BEYOND EXCELLENCE…there is no place on the evaluation sheet to express Grace’s energy and essence. She awakened something in me that had fallen asleep…you are a gift.” C.Manning, Manager, Ontario Hydro, Toronto

“Grace is a wonderful and talented speaker, educator and motivator. I would attend any seminar knowing she is the speaker!” F. Allen, Hong Kong Bank of Canada, Toronto


“Your program “Managing Change from the Inside-Out” was far more than I could have wished for. We were all extremely pleased with the day. You have a knack for making people open up, and your sincerity, interest and energy made for a very compelling experience for all.” S. Williams, Chair, TASC Committee, Industry Canada

“Grace was totally fantastic–Enthusiastic, optimistic. The best seminar leader I have ever had!! I would love to have her as a life-long counselor on marriage, family, kids, life…” Linda Johnson, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago


“I wanted to thank you again for the seminar you gave at KPMG…you brought a fresh and bold approach to the self-knowledge journey. This is timely and beneficial for people in career/job transition to receive the injection of positive advice and process that you offer.” Douglas Fletcher, C.A., Toronto

“I’ve heard many speakers in my lifetime, but Grace takes the prize. She is a natural and Canada is lucky to have her. I only hope I can buy your book here soon.” S. Dobbs, London, England


“We came to hear you speak at Unity last Sunday. While you guided us through the meditation my husband, teenage son and I had the most amazing experience. The three of us had the exact same angel visit us in the garden, it was my husband’s step-Dad, who was truly an angel on this earth. He visited each one of us with a different message and filled our hearts with love.  You truly are a beacon for LOVE!!!! I truly believe God uses you to bridge love to those in need and those that have lost their way..  Pennie, Paul & Murray, Oakville, ON

“Over the years, I’ve made a point of seeking out motivators, speakers, coaches – whatever word you want to use for inspirers of people. I’ve attended a host of other workshops and seminars. I’ve seen John Bradshaw, Tony Robbins, Stedman Graham, and Steven Covey and none of them were any more stirring than yours…The world needs to hear what you have to say…L. MacDonald Vancouver, BC

Hearing you speak last night and winning your book was no coincidence. You are a sign and a catalyst in my life, Grace. Over the last 4 weeks, I have been considering a career change. I have strong talents and a Midas touch. It is very difficult to display these talents because I encounter jealousy. Two days ago, I was crushed by hurtful feedback I got from a colleague. Last night, I read your book until 1 AM. I cried, kissed my children in their beds and snuggled next to my warm, loving husband. Today, I woke up with the sun, went for my daily jog and thought about the energy you communicated to me last night. Thank you for putting that warm “Cirocco” wind in my sail. Susan L. Ottawa, ON

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