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Introducing Monthly Evening Workshops for Couples!

  Pre-registration is MANDATORY at least 24 hours in advance. 

Contact 905-688-0868 

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After repeated requests from her Couples Retreat Grads, Grace is introducing monthly workshops to help men and women stay connected at a heart level while navigating the many challenges and demands of daily life.

After working with nearly 1300 couples, Grace believes that couples who share rewarding relationships are those who make time to communicate their feelings and have that heart-to-heart authentic connection. Emotional intimacy is the glue to happy marriages. This is the purpose of her Couples Corner.

Here are some of the common complaints Grace hears from women: “He doesn’t listen to me.”  “He doesn’t  support me”.  “He won’t share his feelings with me”.  “He’s closed off. ”  “All he wants is sex!”  Men have their own complaints:  She’s a control freak”. “No matter what I do, it’s never enough” “She gives me no affection, no sex!”  “She’s always angry–I’m always the bad guy!”

The “Couples Corner” workshops are designed to put couples back on track; to keep their love alive while juggling their many roles and responsibilities.  Grace will revisit some of the tools and techniques she introduced at her Relationship Renewal Retreat as well as teach you Advanced Communication techniques that you will be able to practice at the workshop. This is a hands-on workshop designed as follow-up coaching for her retreat graduates, but open to any couple wanting to learn how to better communicate and navigate difficult feelings.

An inability to resolve conflicts, taking each other for granted, putting work or kids first, money pressures, and trouble with in-laws all contribute to the gradual distancing that happens to modern men and women in long term relationships.  Come out to the COUPLES CORNER and experience Grace’s unique Emotions focused therapy she has pioneered with couples and which she practices at her Intensive Relationship Retreat.

When:  Upcoming Date:    Fall 2015 
Time:  7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Where:  Sovereign House Museum, 7 West River St. Oakville, ON (near Bronte on Lake Ontario) 
Workshop Cost:  $40 per person (RRR grads);  $50 per person  (non retreat grads)  * HST tax is included!  
What to bring:  A journal, pen & a bottle of water for yourself.
Who can Come?  Open to any couple, gay or straight, in a romantic partnership  

How to Register?  Pre-registration is a MUST at least 24 hours in advance.  Please register by calling our office at 905-688-0868 or email   Visa/MC accepted by telephone. 


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