Benefits of a Women’s Retreat

Women’s Inner Faultline

A lot of women at first glance seem to cope well with the demands of life. They’ve learned to juggle their many roles and responsibilities but what people don’t see is the fault line on the inside that puts pressure on everything else. This faultline may be an abusive past (or present), grief over a death or broken relationship, burnout, loneliness or spiritual emptiness. Today’s modern woman is constantly under pressure to do it all, be it all, and make everyone happy.

Women Brains EXPAND

Add to this the fact that she is biologically programmed and psychologically wired to “expand” her awareness to take care of others, to worry, to juggle, to give and give. This expansion translates to overwhelm and exhaustion. She may be a multi-tasking genius, but at the end of the day she often feels alone and empty. When she doesn’t stop to fill up her own cup, she can get angry and lash out at the very people she loves the most. Then she punishes herself with guilt and remorse. This negative cycle can be repeated for years wreaking havoc on her health and happiness.

Time away in nature where she can focus on herself is not only necessary, it is critical for a woman’s emotional and mental health. A woman’s retreat can heal a heavy heart and re-focus her priorities. In many cases, it can lift the fog and get her excited about her future. Women need other women and sharing their stories together at a retreat can sometimes be all she needs to grow into a more confident and happy version of herself.

Not All Retreats are as Personally Transforming

Mind you, not all women’s retreats are the same. Some are merely escapes, time to shop, eat, drink and party. This is fine if this is what you’re looking for, but if you’re interested in something more transformational, holistic and educational, then I invite you to check out my Take the Step Intensive for women.

BENEFITS of Attending My Women’s Intensive: Who It is Designed For

• If you have unresolved issues with CORE people
• If you are “leaking” anger and irritation on those you love
• If you have experienced divorce or other painful endings
• If you’re feeling alone, anxious or depressed
• If you need clarity about your marriage or career
• If you have experienced any kind of trauma as a child or as an adult
• If you have experienced emotional injuries like infidelity and betrayal
• If you want to heal a heavy heart from guilt, shame and fear
• If you want to forgive yourself for past mistakes
• If you want more passion, vitality and purpose in your life
• If you want a deeper spiritual connection

Why You Should Take Time Out for Renewal and Personal Growth

Stephen Covey’s best habit in his international bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was Sharpen the Saw. You can’t cut wood with a dull saw. You can’t be the amazing wife, mother, leader, person you were meant to be without taking time out for you to learn, regroup and reset. Investing in your personal growth will not only transform you into a happier, healthier and wiser person, but it will inspire other women (including your daughters) to do the same. When we fill up our cup, we become kinder and more loving versions of ourselves.  We can embrace all of life’s lessons with an open heart and courageous Spirit.


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