Goddess Club

Join Grace For the Goddess Circle….. A monthly dose of inspiration, personal growth and connection for women.

Grace started this unique women’s circle almost 15 years ago to provide ongoing education and support to her “Goddesses”– graduates of her Goddess Retreat Take the Step Intensive.  Since then, her Goddess Community has stretched far and wide and hundreds of women make the monthly “pilgrimage” to Oakville to learn, grow and connect with their girlfriends.  Grace has provided this opportunity to women because of the research that shows that community is critical for women’s emotional and mental health. Open to all women, Grace’s Goddess Club is ideal for women who want a more conscious and passionate life. The energy at these monthly workshops is nothing short of phenomenal.  You’ll not only leave inspired by Grace’s energy and teachings, you’ll have an opportunity to make heartfelt connections with other women on the spiritual path.

Goddess Club turns 15 years old in 2018! 

And to mark this special occasion, Grace is co-hosting an Ultimate Girls Getaway with her BFF, Nadja Piatka April 27-29, 2018 to be held at the Pillar and Post Resort in Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

This will be an empowering, inspirational and FUN weekend to celebrate life, good food and female friendship! 

Spots are limited so sign up early. 

This is a charity event! We raise money to help women in developing countries.  

Grace will be delivering the main keynote “The Divine Feminine: Tapping Into Love, Abundance and Flow” and leading the Meditation class on Sunday morning. Click here to learn more about the UGG Weekend Program.

There will be dancing, shopping, wine tours and amazing prizes and giveaways.  If you would like to showcase your business and donate a prize, click here to learn about marketing opportunities. 



When:  Once per month, See Schedule & Workshop Topics Below
 Time:  7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Where:  Sovereign House Museum, 7 West River St. Oakville, ON (near Bronte by Lake Ontario) 
Cost:  $30.00 per workshop for TTS retreat grads; $40.00 for other Goddesses *tax included.
What to bring:  A journal, pen & a bottle of water for yourself.
Who can Come?  ***OPEN TO ANY WOMAN***
How to Register?   You can pre-register with Leah Taylor or Paris Birch by calling 905-688-0868 or by Email.  Registrations also accepted at the door. Visa/MC accepted.
Goddess Social Dinner at 5 PM: If you can,  join us at Thai Senses restaurant www.thaisenses.ca  for a social dinner before the workshop. Meet new women, connect with Grace and enjoy a delicious dinner. No reservation necessary. Just show up!
DIRECTIONS: SOVEREIGN HOUSE MUSEUM:  Address: 7 West River St. Oakville, ON (near Bronte by Lake Ontario)  Take QEW, then Bronte Road Exit South (towards the lake). Right on Lakeshore Rd. Left on West River Street. Sovereign House is the last building on the left on Lake Ontario. It is a white house right on the lake.  There is a parking lot in the woods right beside it.
HOTELS IN THE AREA: If you’re coming in from out of town and wish to stay overnight,  the Holiday Inn at Bronte and Staybridge  Suites are nearby and very nice:  Holiday Inn at Bronte   Staybridge Suites  OR  find your own hotel by clicking here: More hotels click here

2018 Workshop Topics at the Goddess Club:

Jan  23/18 (Tues) Topic: Using Law Of Attraction & Gratitude To Set Intentions For The New Year.  At my January Goddess workshop, I want to teach you how easy it is for you to set “an intention” and then follow through with Law of Attraction principles and the power of Gratitude. This is a hands on workshop to help you chart out your fabulous new year in the areas of health, relationships, career, and adventure by harnessing your internal power of INTENTION! Don’t miss this one!

March 27/18 (Tues.) Topic: Changing Negative Beliefs Using Psych-K. Bruce Lipton told us more than ten years ago that Beliefs are everything–that beliefs can actually change the chemistry of our brains and therefore the output of our lives. But when asked: “how do we change beliefs?”, Bruce points us towards Psych-K.  Developed by Rob Williams, Psych K is a powerful and easy way to rewrite the software of your mind so that you can change the printout of your life.  A Psych-K Balance is a technique designed to create an identification with both hemispheres of the brain.  This whole brain state is ideal for re-programming the mind with new self-enhancing and positive beliefs, reducing unwanted stress and helping you to access your full potential and happiness.  Grace will teach you this very empowering technique.

April 27-29 (Fri-Sun) Ultimate Girls Getaway: Goddesses Celebrating 15 years.  Co-hosting this all female weekend event with one of my amazing BFF’s , Nadja Piatka.  My workshop topic: “The Divine Feminine” – Tapping into the Energies of Love and Abundance.   Many women have a dream living inside their heart but they lack imagination and courage to turn it into reality. The truth is that most yearn for more love, more joy, more peace and more abundance, yet many don’t dare to dream beyond what they believe is possible. Others believe in their potential but they rarely lift off because they don’t have knowledge of all the steps. They haven’t been taught how to ignite imagination and push beyond the limitations to create amazing possibilities. In this session you will learn how to tap into your heart’s desires and truly come to understand why you are the Architect of your Life, and the Captain of your Soul.

May 2018: No Goddess Club this month

June  13/18 (Wed.) Regrets & Other Mistakes: Too often we  women are super hard on ourselves for mistakes that we have made in the past.  We end up wasting precious energy regretting things we said or did, or didn’t say or didn’t do.  How do you emotionally make peace with these negatives and find the silver lining? If your mistakes, failures, and regrets take you down the rabbit hole, then you may have to learn resilience techniques and bounce back by “failing forward”?  Maybe you need to forgive yourself?   Mistakes are part of the human experience–learn to make peace with your less than perfect words or deeds and extract the lesson–the opportunity to become a better person.

July 10/18 (Tues) The Power of Imagination: How It Can Transform Your Life.  The Power of Imagination is said by scientists to be the greatest creative force in the Universe. It can both limit you or enable you to reach heights never before imagined or conceived. It’s simply a matter of learning to consciously utilize it to transcend the self imposed limitations that you yourself are allowing. Expand your imagination and you’ll expand and enhance your entire life.

Aug 28/18 (Tues)  How to Break Free of Negative Habits. The secret lies in the sub-conscious mind–why change is so difficult and why so often habit runs our life. Learn how to harness the power of your sub-conscious mind and be prepared to set your goals.


2017 Workshop Topics at the Goddess Club:

Jan  11/17 (Wed) Topic: Real Intimacy—what is it and why we need it in our Relationships. Whether it is romantic relationships or ANY relationship, intimacy is the glue–it is equivalent to food and water for the heart and soul and as mammals, we cannot do without.  Yet so many people have casual and meaningless connections with not much emotional content or support. Over time, marriages flatline, friendships fade, and life becomes all about work and getting things done.  What if someone could help you awaken intimacy with yourself so that you could courageously communicate the juicy stuff in your relationships?  WHAT IF YOU BECAME INTIMATE WITH LIFE? Real joy comes from relationships and intimacy is an investment in your happiness. Start 2017 with this workshop and make it a great year for all your relationships!!

Feb 28/17 (Tues) Topic: Meditation Made Easy for the Woman Who Does Too Much! Recent research says that meditation has huge health benefits.  It literally neutralizes negative stressors in your life.  The problem is that “busy” women don’t stop long enough to do it.  For some it’s because they’re too busy, or they can’t settle down long enough without doing something.  But for others, it’s because they have this idea that meditation is just too difficult.  At this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of meditation and 4 easy techniques for plugging into your Higher Self.  Meditation will make you more loving, smarter and kinder. It will take the edge off of the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Mar 21/17 (Tues) Topic: Trusting Your Gut – Activating Your Women’s Intuition. Life is dynamic and always changing. Is change on the horizon for you?  Are you happy about that or are you stressed because you don’t have clarity about which path to choose?  Sometimes we become overwhelmed with the options. That’s when we need to learn to plug into our Internal Spiritual Grid System and receive inner guidance so we can make the best decisions. The answers are truly within you—you will learn all about Spiritual Decision Making.

Apr 12/17 (Wed) Topic: Purge, Declutter – Let Things Go! Winter is over and spring is in the air.  It’s a perfect time to clean out the cobwebs in all areas of your life—your relationships, your work, your home, your health, and really ask yourself, what do you need to let go of in order to welcome in new energy and amazing possibilities.

May 16/17 (Tues) Topic: Tapping Into Abundance & Flow. What is the secret to success and abundance?  If you have forgotten how the Laws of Manifestation work, tonight’s workshop will teach you how you can remove the barriers of fear and anxiety and welcome higher energies into your body.  You will understand the mindset and the emotions of letting the River of Abundance flow back into your life.

June 14/17 (Wed) Topic: The Nurturing Power of Female Friendships: The Science of Female Bonds: Women are genetically hard-wired for friendship. Not only that, but female bonds change our cellular make-up!  Harvard Medical School showed that the more friends women have, the less likely they are to develop physical impairments as they age, and the more likely they are to lead a contented life. The study also showed that not having friends or confidants is as detrimental to your health as being overweight or smoking cigarettes. David Spiegel who studied the survival rate of women with breast cancer found that women who had a strong, supportive circle of friends outlived their counterparts who lived in social isolation. So what about you? Do you have nurturing female friendships? Come learn the 7 essential ingredients of true female bonds and how to grow and sustain them. Learn the power of female intimacy and how sharing the burdens of life with our soul sisters makes us happier and healthier!

July 11/17 (Tues) Topic: Finding Your Spiritual Purpose:  What does it mean to have a spiritual purpose? More and more people seek meaning and significance.  We have jobs and families but we also crave to leave something behind, to make a difference in this world. Aristotle said that one’s purpose is merely a matter of knowing where one’s talents and the needs of the world intersect.  If you have wondered about your soul’s journey and purpose, or hungered for something more, this workshop will offer you inspiration and soul food.

Sept 20/17 (Wed) Topic: Re-Aligning your Inner Chakras: You have energy centers inside you called chakras and if they are misaligned or blocked, you may not be living your best life.  For example, if you have suffered loss or an ending,  your heart chakra may be blocked or damaged.  If you need to speak up but rarely tell people what you think, your throat chakra may not be functioning. And if you feel disconnected to the earth and to your tribe, your root chakra maybe scattered.  At this workshop, you will experience a powerful meditation that will balance and align all your energy centers so that you can step out with creative energy and power.

Oct 24/17 (Tues) Topic: The Art of Enjoying Life: 7 Essential Steps. Do you make time for family, friends and fun or are you always busy constantly overscheduled and always doing stuff around the house?  Some people work hard, but if a friend or family member calls, they can drop everything and go out and have fun.  Others are addicted to the “to do” list and become enslaved by it.  Their sense of Self is connected to “doing” and not “being”.  It’s time to be spontaneous and put relationships first. The jobs around the house will always be there. Tonight, let’s master the “art of enjoying life”.

Nov 15/17 (Wed) Topic: The Sting of Disillusionment:  Have you been seriously let down by someone or something? Disillusionment is a  deep disappointment that something is not what we believed it would be. Disillusionment is a betrayal. It can trigger deep feelings of sorrow and loss. Whether it’s a friendship that comes to an end,  a new house that disappoints or an expensive vacation gone sour, dealing with the sting of disillusionment and understanding the hurt behind it often leads to greater self awareness and spiritual growth.

Dec 13/17 (Wed)  PLEASE BRING A WRAPPED CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR OUR ANNUAL KRIS KRINGLE EXCHANGE!  No need to buy something new—instead let’s pass on something we no longer need or want.  Ideas: Books, jewellery, accessories, purses, etc.    Topic: Keeping Up with the Jones’: When Will It Ever be Enough?  What energy do you expend each day to “keep up” with others, or with society’s expectations, or with the desires of your children or with your own idea of who you should be? Where do you get the drive to be more, make more in order to impress and conquer?  What if you could challenge your idea of success and not worry about the Jones’?  If you’re constantly exhausted and weary, it could be that your inner compass is off.  As the year comes to a close, come and reset.  Come and figure out what is important to you and why.

2016 Workshop Topics at the Goddess Club:

Dec 13/16 (Tues) Topic: Why men Are the Way They Are- what every woman should know. Years ago I came across this amazing book: Why Men are the Way They Are by Warren Farrell and I have never forgotten the wisdom in it. It’s a dance ladies and you’re part of the dance. Learn the subtle art of relationship at this entertaining and informative last workshop of 2016!  Attention:  KRISS KRINGLE GIFT EXCHANGE:  As in previous years,  please bring a wrapped recycled gift to share—something you own that you would like to pass on to someone else. Focus on accessories: belts, purses, books, jewelery, picture frames,  nic nacs–no clothes please.  Bring your journal as usual and a bottle of water.  PLEASE PRE-REGISTER for this one by calling 905-688-0868 or emailing leah@gracecirocco.com

Nov 16/16 (Wed) Topic: How to Befriend Your Shadow – welcoming your unloved side. A soulful life is never without shadow,” says Thomas Moore in his Care of the Soul.  “In fact, the soul’s power comes from its shadow qualities.” Did you know that what you don’t love and accept about yourself you attract in people and situations? And that every good quality has it’s opposite, the shadow part? The problem is that people don’t want to admit, let alone, embrace and love their shadow side, and so the Universe sends you “difficult” partners, “difficult” co-workers, “difficult” children, “difficult”….., you get the point, as a way for you to gain balance with yourself. There is power in knowing your shadow and in this workshop, you will not only “meet” your shadow, but figure out ways how to can embrace it with love and acceptance so that you have fewer triggers and less negative interactions with people. I will show you a powerful exercise which will reveal to you the qualities you have disowned and hated and which create havoc in your life. 

Oct 25/16 (Tues) Topic: How Shame Blocks Your Self Worth & What to Do About It  Shame is the most toxic of all emotions known to humans and it spreads negative energy throughout your body, mind and spirit.  Shame is tricky to heal because it likes to hide and change into other emotions. So what are we ashamed of? Our mistakes and failures, our dirty thoughts and less-than-enlightened behaviours, the times we lied and the times we cheated. The times we disrespected and trespassed against another and the times we let ourselves down. There is low grade shame and high grade shame, but it’s shame none-the-less and feeling it in your body chips away at self worth, and your dignity. It eats at your happiness.  Learn the trick to healing your shame and notice how amazing and light-hearted you feel!! 

Sept 21/16 (Wed) Topic: Near Death Experiences and Lessons From the Other Side  There have been many books published recently about near death experiences. It turns out, as Eben Alexander describes in his Map of Heaven, that there is much agreement about the journey of the soul and its survival beyond death. After publishing his story of his near death experience, many of his readers wrote to him to describe similar experiences with the afterlife. If you have ever questioned what happens to the soul, where is heaven, or the meaning of life, this evening’s discussion will warm your heart and lift your Spirit.

Aug 17/16 (Wed) Topic: Biology of Belief  Ten years ago, Bruce Lipton’s research on cell biology rocked the world.  He told us that your belief in your ability is 100 times more powerful than the actual ability. That’s because “beliefs” can alter DNA. What does this mean for you? Once you master your beliefs, you will be able to attract abundance, tap into your greatest potential and live the life you want.

July 14/16 (Thurs) Topic: The Science of Savouring  Savouring requires a deliberate, mindful awareness of the present moment and when we slow down to observe and savour positive events or memories, it activates our brain chemistry to create positive feelings and a sense of liberation. This according to social psychologist, Fred Bryant, a leading researcher in the field of Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness. You will learn strategies and hands-on exercises for enhancing the skill of savouring so that you can better manage all of your emotions.

June 16/16 (Thur) Topic: Repelling Negative Energy & Building Emotional Resilience  The focus this evening is on various NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Energy Psychology techniques for repelling negative energy from people, places and things. If you feel drained at the end of the day, or if there are toxic people in your life right now stealing your joy, you will want to learn these techniques.

May 24/16 (Tues) Topic: The Art of Surrender: Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You   Buddha said it best when he said that we only lose what we cling to the most. What are you holding onto tightly, that if you could only let go, would free your mind, heart and body of essential energy? What closure and healing do you need?  There are people who have learned how to let go of control, of being right, of fear and it becomes an art and way of life. Tonight, learn what this art of surrender entails so that you too, can find closure and inner peace.

April 26/16 (Tues) Topic: Finding Rituals for Creating JOY & Sustaining Your Soul  This is our 13th Anniversary and tonight we’re going to celebrate by talking about rituals that make us feel happy, joyful and content. According to women’s health expert, Dr. Christiane Northrup, women who have rituals that tickle your happy spot are more likely to live healthy and happy lives.  Do you take time out to do what you love? What makes your heart sing? What simple pleasures sustain you from the inside out? Tonight is an evening of sharing our best practices and celebrating what we already do best.  

March 22/16 (Tues) Topic: Spiritual Goosebumps & Cleansing Your Chakras  Everyone has at one time or another experienced goosebumps or body shivers or times when intense energy runs up and down the spine and makes every hair follicle stand up. We are spiritual beings, crystals of energy really, and the truth is when we experience these physical reactions, usually during poignant moments, it is evidence that we are connecting to Higher Intelligence or a Spiritual Grid. Grace will teach you how to harness these moments through a beautiful meditation that will cleanse your inner energy centers (chakras) so that you can access greater spiritual wisdom.

Feb 26/16 (Fri) Topic: Self Doubt: The Thief of Women’s Happiness  As much as they hate to admit it, and regardless of their success or accomplishments, many women, at some point in their lives experience debilitating self-doubt.  This dark wave comes from a deep seated feeling of unworthiness and it is the greatest thief of woman’s happiness and inner peace.  Self-doubt is also why so many women experience insecurity and jealousy– qualities that destroy relationships. Self doubt also feeds the “imposter phenomenon” which many women experience. Tonight, learn how to stop the “comparison game” and quietly shore up inner confidence by listening to your inner Goddess. Learn how to trust yourself and your decisions so you can banish the doubt demons forever!

Jan 26/16 (Tues) Topic: Spiritual Laws for Creating Possibility and Prosperity  So it’s a new year and you have a fresh canvass in front of you. What will you create? Stretch your imagination by applying spiritual laws that will ignite positive change and allow you to welcome possibility and prosperity.   Take charge of your life. Stop feeling small and victimized. You were born to create!

 2015 Workshop Topics at the Goddess Club: 

Jan 23/15 (Fri) Topic: Top Regrets of the Dying  The beginning of a new year is a great time to re-align and re-prioritize your life.  And what better way to do this than learn from those people whose time is up. That is why at this Goddess Club, you will hear the top regrets of the dying reported by palliative care workers.  This will be a powerful and  inspirational evening where you will get the chance to think about your life and what priorities you want to focus on in 2015.  We will focus on the 5 top areas of your life: Relationships, Health, Career, Adventure, & Spirituality. It’s time to break free of the self imposed limiting thoughts and beliefs about what you can and cannot do. Your SOUL only knows INFINITY! Help it to fly in 2015!   

Feb/15   No Goddess Club this month

March 11/15 (Wed) The Amazing Benefits of Mindful Meditation: What exactly is ” mindful meditation? In recent years “mindfulness” and “meditation” have gained global popularity as well as credibility with westerners including the medical profession. In 2012, 477 academic papers were published that showed that mindfulness-based approaches to health and wellness work! Mindfulness can help you with stress reduction, depression, anxiety and overall emotional and psychological wellbeing. In its simplest form, mindfulness teaches us how to unplug from the world and have a love affair with the present moment-a skill not easily practised by busy women! At this workshop, you will learn  how to avoid the most common challenges and blocks people experience with meditation and how to get the most out of your meditative experience. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed,  rejuvenated and alive!

April 22/15 (Wed) 12th Anniversary of the Goddess Club ♥ ♥ ♥ JOIN Grace for dinner before the workshop and help her celebrate!   Topic: Surviving the Dark Night of the Soul:  I am convinced that most people suffering from so-called mental illness might be experiencing a spiritual crisis. Depression is often an ache of the soul, not an illness of the psyche. People find themselves in the valley of the heart often because of a loss or a break-up, or a spiritual cross-roads. We need a new dialogue and a different way to talk about what brings us down rather than reach for the fast pick-me-up. We must teach ourselves positive ways to grieve and to feel and to let the emotions flow through us. Grace will help you make sense of your difficult passages and offer an emotional process to help you navigate the Dark Night of the Soul.

May 13/15 (Wed) Topic: Good Mothers: What  Do You Love About Your Mother? What does it mean to be a good mother and what is a “bad” mother?  What are the qualities of a “good mother”?  How do you  raise self reliant and emotionally resilient children?  What are your challenges balancing your needs with that of your family’s?  What kind of mothering did you receive and did it contribute to the mother and person you are today? And how does one heal the guilt that most mothers carry around today for past mistakes.  These are just some of the questions we’ll discuss at this month’s Goddess Club.

June 10 /15 (Wed) Topic: Living to 100! Longevity Secrets of Centenarians!  You don’t have to be afraid of aging if you embrace these Secrets that Grace will share with you at this workshop! You will not only be amazed by the physical habits of these Wonder People, but also understand them from the inside out: What they think, how they feel, how they see the world.  The truth is these longevity heroes are rebels–mavericks who do it their way!  Feel inspired with practical how-to’s as well as learn the mental and emotional habits and practices that build resilience, strength and longevity.

July 21/15 (Tues) Topic: The Top 10 Mistakes Women Make with Men!  You might be surprised tonight to learn how easy it is to understand men once you understand their brain!!  Your man is wired for love very differently than you are but if you don’t know this, you will bash your head against the wall in despair and agony especially when they  don’t give you what you need and appear needy and selfish!  Understanding what  men need from you will make all the difference to  your happiness and harmony as a couple!  After working with nearly 1400 couples, Grace knows the TOP MISTAKES women make with men and tonight she will give you the total scoop!

Aug 25/15  (Tues.) Topic: Difficult People: Spiritual Teachers or Toxic Black Holes to Be Avoided?   So we will break it down–we will examine three so-called “difficult” people in your life and then using this really neat exercise, you will unravel the “gift”, or what you’re supposed to learn from this person so that they no longer trigger you.  Sure you can separate yourself and avoid these people and keep running. But a grander possibility is to rise above the emotional trigger in the moment, learn the lesson and grow your soul.  

Sept 16/15 (Wed.) Topic: Intuition: What is it, How to Develop It and How to Listen to it More Often.  It is called the “6th sense”–but do you really value it? Do you listen to it? How often have you had that emotional/spiritual tug but you ignored it? The secret is to become MINDFUL OF YOUR INTUITION–to have a relationship with it so that it can serve you at a moment’s notice. The answers are inside of you–intuition is the Master Key to unlock your wisdom and possibility. Tonight Grace will lead you through a variety of interactive exercises designed to stimulate your intuition and show you just how powerful you are! 

Oct. 28/15 (Wed.) Topic: Anger: The Venom that Destroys or the Fire in the Belly that Makes Change Happen? Are you feeling frustrated with life and  spilling your “inner bitch” on anyone who has the misfortune of being near you?  Is anger ruining your relationships? Anger is not always destructive–sometimes it is the fire in the belly that can help us make necessary changes–a signal  from your Soul that something is not right. Anger is the courage to say “No” to others and “Yes” to yourself. Anger is a sign that your personal boundaries have been violated, that you are giving away too much and receiving too little. If this tune sounds familiar, then you too, may be giving away too much leaving yourself vulnerable to the darkside of anger. Your inner bitch is your friend!  She may be trying to tell you something positive. At this workshop, you’ll get “underneath” your anger to figure out what is percolating at a deeper level and what if anything, needs fine-tuning and changing in your life.

 Nov. 25/15 (Wed.) Topic: Forgiveness Meditation: Go Within & Find Your Freedom!   This month experience a powerful meditation designed to help you forgive anyone in your life who has trespassed against you, anyone who controls you emotionally, anyone who has hurt you in the past. As the Christmas season approaches and a year comes to a close, experience the FREEDOM of letting go of hatred, hurt and negativity.

Dec. 9/15 (Wed.) Topic: MULTI-TASKING GENIUS: Tips and Solutions for Getting it Done Without Feeling Empty, Angry & Alone. This is perhaps the busiest month of the year for women. There are never enough hours to get it all done. But our brains are multitasking brains. We are awesome at it, or are we? What do we lose for doing it all and being everything to everybody? This is one of Graces top keynotes that she has delivered to thousands of women worldwide. Get the tips, the strategies, and the mindset to keep yourself sane and and still have enough energy to enjoy all the festivities!!  This Workshop is a Special Kris Kringle Sharing!  Bring something you`d like to pass on gift wrapped! Ideas: Purses, shawls, jewellery, books, etc… 

Evening Agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Lecture by Grace (on specific theme)
  • Circle Talks – group work
  • Visualization & Journal time
  • Closure Exercise

What Women Say about the Goddess Club:

“Hi Grace: I just wanted to thank you for the great session last night on “How to Avoid the Top Mistakes Women Make with Men”.  It was absolutely motivating and very positive.  I wish I would have attended before I got married…. your session should be mandatory for couples!  You explained all the issues so well and in a way that we could all relate to and the main take away for me was to stay positive and not label, judge or “pluck peacock feathers” from men.  I will definitely be attending your future workshops and I will tell my friends to come as well because you are a true inspiration.  I look forward to reading your book 🙂 Take care and see you next month.”  Gabriela C. Toronto, ON

“Last night was another amazing evening with you and my friends at your Goddess Club!!  There is always so much positive energy when we spend anytime with you! I always get great feedback and everyone spreads the love, joy and of course, the hugs.  We call it the “Grace fix” .  Thank you for all you do Grace!”  Jo-Anne P.   Mississauga, ON

“Thanks again for such an amazing workshop on Positive Psychology last night at the Goddess Club. I learned so much about myself and met some great women. It was very refreshing and I love the positive energy I feel when I attend.  Thanks for doing these workshops for women.  I can’t wait until the next one!”  Cathy T.  Waterloo, ON

“Dear Grace:  Thank you so much! Goddess Club last night was amazing!  How to heal difficult relationships was an awesome topic and I focused on my nutcase stepsister who still pushes my buttons after forty years!  The amazing thing I wanted to tell you was that I had the most vivid dream last night.   You talked last night about needing sleeps between writing  and reading these letters for our brain to process. Well, I think my brain did some serious housekeeping last night.  I dreamt that I was sleeping, but there were workmen in my bedroom, with a great big metal long snake used to clean out drains and clogged pipes.  Then there was a man at my window cleaning what looked like a metal screen taken from the window, but it was full of old rust deposits…the water was really dirty and rusty looking, like metal bars from a prison or something.  I just can’t get over how much processing took place over night after writing that letter at your workshop! The dream was so vivid and seemed so related to what you talked about last night, cleaning out the river, getting rid of the crap, junk, rocks and crud!   Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see how this process unfolds as I add to the letter and read it again to my partner. This is such a cool way to get rid of toxic stuff living in our brains. I expect to be seeing my sister soon.  Hopefully those buttons will not be pushed so easily moving forward! I’ll keep you posted.”  Hugs, Janice T.

“Your workshop last night on Communication was amazing! How fortunate I was to find you on google!  I can’t believe how much self-awareness I gained in one evening! I can only imagine how incredible  your intensive retreats must be. You are a breath of fresh air Grace and so knowledgeable! I could listen to you for days! I definitely will be back and will be bringing my friends! Thank you for an inspiring evening. I was happy to meet so many dynamic women!” Carolyn James

“Hi Grace, My friend, Cathy and I both enjoyed the Goddess group last night. Such great women and a great topic–(Raising Girls Self Esteem, March 2012). We had a lively conversation all the way home. For both my daughter and I, I want us to care for ourselves much like my mother instilled in me and ensure the proper message is offered. I think caring for Self shows self love and self respect. Thanks again for a wonderful evening.”  Paula  T. Uxbridge, ON

“Dear Grace, I just want to let you know how special last night’s Goddess Club was to me.  A nightmare of a day at the office and was tied to my desk (due to my perfectionism) late, and hit the ground running out to Oakville only to be stopped dead on the QEW!  As I watched the clock on the dashboard go to 7:00, then 7:15 and then to 7:30 my anxiety rose and heart sunk at the thought of walking into a room full of people and being judged for being late. When my fellow goddesses clapped and you rose and gave me so much love I knew why I was drawn there for a reason and made it against the odds becuase the universe wanted me there!!!  It was one of those moments. those extra special moments that you know will stay with you forever!  The topic of Perfectionism touched home in so many ways, and I walked away knowing that I do have a problem with perfectionism, but it is something I can overcome and will.  I am going to choose excellence instead. Thank you Grace for your love and light, you truly are an amazing woman!”  Janet S. Toronto

“Hi Grace, I have been  wanting to e-mail you for some time, since I came to one of your Goddess Club events which was great! I have wanted to return to the Goddess Club but traffic from where I live to Oakville is intense and prevents me from getting there on time. I still read your book especially during my recent illness. It literally fell on me at the book store. Your words resonated within me. It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time and again most recently.  Life has been very hectic and I stopped looking after myself . There are so many things that I am still processing including my family of origins beliefs and my current view of myself. I just wanted to tell you what an impact you had on me, your energy and spirit and the warmth you exude make you a wonderful facilitator. God Bless.”   Helen S.   Oshawa

“Hi Gracie! I really enjoyed our reconnection on wednesday’s Goddess Club. You feel like an old friend to me (perhaps from many lives ago)–the kind where no matter how much time has passed you haven’t skipped a beat in loving and recognizing that person. You certainly are one fabulous, inspirational, strong adorable person. Thank you for having the courage to shine so bright, giving us permission and encouragment to do the same.  I am so happy our paths have crossed. Namaste.”  Raych, Toronto

“Amazing Grace, I am writing you to tell you how wonderful I am feeling. Your monthly Goddess Club is my lifeline. I hate to miss even one month even though I live in Quebec! I am full of energy like I haven’t been in several years. My heart feels so light and serene. I couldn’t help myself today but to rise my hands to the sky and say “Thank you, thank you, thank you God for sending me Grace and my other Goddess girlfriends.” It was at your Goddess Club that I experienced, for the first time, forgiveness for my father during your most powerful visualization, and the peace that I felt afterwards I just can’t tell you…”  Monique D. Gatineau, Quebec

“I came to the father/daughter goddess club in June. I just wanted to let you know that I love the way you conducted the whole evening. It was very nice to see psychology so alive, rather than the dry, textbook work I’ve been studying at university for the past 3 years. I also wanted to thank you. I came to the workshop out of support for my mom. I never believed that my relationship with either dad would affect me and my relationships with men, but after your evening, I had an “ah-ha” moment. I haven’t had a serious, committed relationship with a man in the last 3 years. I have dated, but nothing ever escalted over a few dates. I think that is because of the role-switch between my step-dad and me. I was the parent and he was the child. I said things like “oh, I don’t care if I have a man or not in  my life” and “I don’t need a man to make me happy”. I can see now that my relationship with my step-dad created this thinking…. ” Kira, Guelph

“Dear Grace, I totally enjoyed your last Goddess session on Knowing God, you make us look inwards into areas and feelings that I have never explored, unchartered territory so to speak.   As a ressult I  come away feeling a deeper connection and understanding of Self and the God that is within and wanting to learn more.  Much love.”  xo Judy

“Grace, I thank God everyday that you are on my path and in my life.  After attending your retreat and becoming enlightened about my life and my capabilities I realized that I need the constant reassurance and reminder of my authenticity and I get that every month through your Goddess club. The women who attend, regardless of who they are, bring so much beauty and magnificent energy to the room.  How blessed we are to have a place to gather through friendship and love and re-connect with each other..Your programs have changed my life but the magic within all of it is YOU.  You are like no other, a true earth angel with compassion and love that radiates from every cell in your body.  Thank you God for Grace!”   Joan 

“Never in my mind, would I have thought that I could forgive my father for his acts. The visualization exercise you did in your December Goddess Club (Topic: Forgiveness & Letting Go) made this possible for me. It was such an emotional and powerful moment. To have forgiven my father has changed me. I am more at peace and I bear no more anger towards him.  I was having supper with my wonderful friend the other night when we started talking about our childhood. She looked at me with a huge smile and said that it was the first time that she had ever heard me saying something positive about my father with such calm and peace. You see, Grace you have worked your magic once more on me.” Monica

“I can’t miss a single Goddess Club–it grounds me, makes me feel that I’m not alone, and I always, always come away feeling inspired and rejuvenated. Grace, you are a dose of sunshine in my life.” Anne

“I loved your “The Burden of Secrets” topic! Up until your Goddess Club, I never thought I would have the courage to share my monster secret to the world. You create such a safe space and for some reason, I felt it was okay to share. Well, today I feel free, alive, purged. I have closure. It was so therapeutic for me. I can’t thank you enough.” Linda

“Dear Mama Goddess Grace, How well you care for your Goddess chicks!…Thank you for seeing and feeling your Goddesses long after they leave the shelter of your arms. You bring the sacred to us yet again- even from so far away! Blessings and love to you.” Shelley

“Hi Grace, just wanted to say that it was an amazing meeting last night! It was exactly what I needed to hear and the area that I definitely need to work on – as you probably know. Your discussion on the heart and spirit connection really hit home, as I know I have shut my heart down to a certain extent and of course also my spirit. I have been living in my mind and body for years. My heart told me last night that it was feeling very neglected!” Angela

“Hi Grace, I wanted to say Thank You for such a great night last night. My most powerful and memorable moment was picking the High Priestess Goddess card, a sign I interpreted as a message that it’s time to take ownership of this Truth. Thank you Grace, for continuing to be a force of love and growth in my life. And Leah….it was a pleasure to meet you. Blessings of Love,” Heather S.

“Hello Graceful Goddess…Thank you for last night. You are the angel my Uncles sent to support me through a time of magnificient change. I feel blessed to have you in my life.” Michelle S.

“I attended your goddess open night in Mississauga this month and was pleasantly surprised to find a warm hearted, informative and interesting speaker, Grace. The perfect name for her. I bought Grace’s book and will work through it before the next meeting. I enjoyed the evening and have already mentioned it to two other women. I have something stirring in me and look forward to the new awakening. I thank my friend for telling me. I never new there was a group of Goddesses like this. What a great gift I received.” Toni C.

“Wow, thank-you for a wonderful evening. I had some earth moving ‘A HAH’ moments at the Goddess Club. I have made so many changes since meeting you! I should be your poster child for what can happen when you take the step!” Bonnie W.

“I just wanted to thank you for your amazing spirit. I am grounded again after Wednesday evening and I am so impressed with how you fill in the gaps by providing this maintenance for your Goddesses.” Sue K.

“It’s been three months I’ve been coming and I wouldn’t miss it. I get so much out of it. In fact, my husband and children notice that I am calmer, happier, and nicer after seeing you and attending your Goddess Club!” Karen

“Thank you Grace for doing this monthly group. I know how busy you are and it means so much to women that you make yourself available like this…” Bonnie

“The best part of these monthly gatherings is to see and hear you Grace; you always inspire me. The next best part is to connect in a deep way with other women. I can’t get this spiritual food anywhere else…not even with my best friends….” T.J.

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