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“The average person does not know what to do with his life, yet wants another one which will last forever.”

Anatole France

Keynote Speaking Accolades

Thank you for such a thought provoking and inspiring keynote presentation. As I said to all who were there on Friday, you exceeded my expectations. I will be following up later this week with my management committee to look at ways in which we can build on what we learned from you and to identify those possibilities for continued growth and development. Charles Ethier Director General Product Safety Programme Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch Health Canada

We gave you a real challenge. It is not easy to make two presentations to the same group, not too mention the fact that you were our opening and closing keynote speaker… Grace, I wanted you to know that the two sessions hit a home run for us. Without question, you touched everyone in the room where it counts the most which is in their souls. The feedback to your keynote presentations has been tremendous. Best regards, Michael S. Gough, CAE Canadian Home Builders’ Association

You being our closing keynote speaker was simply an incredible experience for all of us. I know for myself, a day does not go by that I do not think of you and your presentation…Your passionate keynote, and your choice of ending helped me feel so strongly connected to everyone. Jeanette Rooney-Ozols, Conference Chair Canadian Counselling Association (CCA)

On behalf of Canadian Management Centre I wish to thank you for your wonderful keynote presentation at our 6th Administrative Professionals Conference. Your presentation on Passion, Purpose and Potential – Life as an Outrageous Journey certainly struck a chord with our participants (based on the standing ovation!). Your expressive, story-telling style kept everyone captivated and gave them something special to take away. Kathryn Hodder Director, Conferences and Special Projects Canadian Management Centre I wanted to tell you how very stimulating your keynote presentation was at the Public Service Commission’s Celebration of International Women’s Day… thank you for your commitment to delivering your message to the world. And it isn’t just your message – it’s also your delivery. Lily MacDonald Canadian Coast Guard – Pacific Region Vancouver, B.C.

Thank you for the wonderful keynote presentation you gave at the Humanity First peace conference in Toronto. You filled the room and the audience with inspiration and light. Francis Clark Humanity First International Conference

Grace, you are one of the most talented and engaging motivational speakers that I have ever heard. People warm to you instantly and truly believe what you are saying. The buzz after your keynote was so great that for your next two break-out sessions, your room was overflowing and filled to capacity. In all my years of putting conferences together, I have never seen people sitting on the floor and in the hallway just so they could listen to a speaker. Peter Gnish International Conference on School-to-Work Transitions

Grace is a truly inspirational speaker, because her message is full of hope. No matter where a person is on the continuum of personal, spiritual and professional development, there is something in Grace’s keynote presentations for everyone. She is energetic, funny, practices what she preaches,and communicates extremely effectively to her audience. Grace touches people in a unique way and I am grateful every time I have the opportunity to hear her speak. Hélène Goulet Director General/Directrice générale Tobacco Control Programme Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch Health Canada

Dear Grace, Thank you for speaking at our Economic Summit for Women. I have never seen people stand outside a room hoping to hear any portion of a presentation. I’ve never seen a room so full that attendants were sitting on the stage with the speaker, lining the floor, filling the room with such positive energy….All of this to say that our Summit was so much better because you were a part of it. You made such an impact on so many but I will proudly and honestly claim to have been the most changed by your presence and your presentation. Kindest regards, Jennifer Rawls Executive Director Tennessee Economic Council for Women Nashville, TN

Hello Grace, I just wanted to say thank you again for coming and speaking at our conference at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. You may want to know that many students are still talking about you. Also, on the surveys we had the students fill out, your speech was their favourite part of the conference, so I really just wanted to let you know how much your speech really touched the people who attended. It has been a pleasure talking to you over the past couple of months, and I really just wanted to thank you for sticking with us even with all of the changes that ended up happening. You have no idea how much that meant to the conference committee! Sincerely, Krystal Archer Conference Chair

Hi Grace, I just wanted to quickly follow up with you as I didn’t have the opportunity to thank you last Friday before you had to leave.  Thank you so much for presenting at our Celebrating Women 2011  Conference.  Your keynote kicked our day off with positive enthusiasm, which is reflected by the wonderful feedback we received from all our delegates. Once again, thank you for doing such a great job for us. Jennifer Filip Training & Special Projects Manager Camrose Regional Exhibition

Why Do You Need a Keynote Speaker?

  • Keynote speakers educate as well as inspire
  • Keynote speakers boost morale
  • Keynote speakers facilitate lasting positive change
  • Keynote speakers add value to conferences & events
  • Keynote speakers meet the needs of your group
  • Keynote speakers show us how to take greater responsibility
  • Keynote speakers motivate staff to aim higher
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