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Cdn Living Mag April 2010

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The Relationship Renewal Retreat  is featured in this issue of Inns Magazine. Editor-in-chief, Mary Hughes says the retreat was a “life changing experience

creative hugDoes Your Marriage Need a Tune Up?
Read this article by Grace Cirocco

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Signs You May Need A Relationship Tune-up

  • you feel you are drifting away
  • you keep having the same arguments over & over
  • there’s little or no physical intimacy
  • you’re bitter & resentful about past hurts
  • you no longer kiss good-bye or hello
  • you avoid each other because of fear of confrontation
  • you don’t feel “seen”, loved and appreciated by your partner
  • you crave “something more” in your relationship but don’t know where to turn
  • you’re thinking “divorce” and/or you’ve gone to see a divorce lawyer
  • you feel angry all the time and your short fuse is spilling into other areas of your life
  • you’re feeling stressed and tense when you come home
  • you’re either falling in love or you have fallen in love with someone else
  • you’re trashing your partner to everyone including the kids
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