When You Feel Like Running Away from Your Marriage

“We die at 40 and then get buried at 80.” ~ Og Mandino

I coach many couples in crisis and I often hear the panic when doubt sets in. Maybe he/she not the right one? What if I told you that in most cases it’s not your relationship partner you need to run away from. Maybe it is the “flatline” feeling that you have both created by the way you have organized your lives? Maybe it’s the fact that you have developed the bad habit of putting kids and work and extra-curricular activities first? That “blah” feeling is a nudge from your Soul. It is screaming: “Wake up! I want more from my life!! I WANT CONNECTION, PASSION,  Buy Azithromycin https://advicarehealth.com/azithromycin.html ALIVENESS. What I truly want is to be SEEN by my spouse, ADORED, LOVED. This is what we all want and why boy meets girl in the first place. We are mammals who need to attach. The promise you made to this “Special Mammal” is to put them first. But then kids come and careers demand more from us and the leaves need raking and laundry needs folding. Modern couples are so busy that they can’t, don’t put each other first. Please don’t run away from your spouse. Finding a new partner will not be any easier. The honeymoon stage will feel good for a while but work is there and so are the kids and many cases, step-kids, and pets, and EX’s, are EX’s, and soon there are more reasons to take time away from the “US”. Generic Cialis https://valleyofthesunpharmacy.com/cialis/ Take the time to really diagnose what is going on with you before you decide that it’s your partner who is wrong for you. Ask yourself, when was the last time we had fun, just the two of us? When was the last time we ran away for the weekend or taken a vacation just for us? Diagnose what you have contributed to the “marriage box” and whether it is enough to sustain you long term. Marriage box

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