Book Endorsements

“Every page offers you nourishment for your soul. I was deeply touched by Grace’s passionate profound honesty.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Author, The Power of Intention


“I am so touched, so warmed, and so elated by the words in Take the Step: The Bridge Will Be There. I am touched because the words come from so deep within Grace Cirocco’s own life story, and her generous sharing of her personal experiences opens my heart to our Oneness, and the Oneness of humanity. I am warmed because her words hug my opened heart, and I feel connected to God’s own wisom-filled love. And I am elated because I know that thousands of people’s lives will be changed forever by this sparkling book. Grace Cirocco is a unique Uplifter of Humanity—an angel, sent here on special assignment. Thank you, God, for her.”

Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God

“Grace has unique insights, great passion, and a heart that bursts with understanding and love. She has done for me, through her impressive and inspirational writing, what I do for others. It is a gift to have her voice at hand, in book format. Buy this book; better yet, keep it with you and refer to it often, to find out how good you can be.”

Dr. Blaine Lee, Senior VP, FranklinCovey, and Author, The Power Principle

“This is a wonderful book that will invite you stretch in every direction–to make your life large, to make your heart whole. Kindhearted and daring, it will allow you to trust that, whatever the step you’re longing to take, the bridge will surely be there.”

Daphne Rose Kingma, Author, The Future of Love

“This is a wonderful, warm, moving book, full of ideas and insights to deepen your reflections and raise you to new heights of self-understanding and self-awareness.”

Brian Tracy, Author, Create Your Own Future


“Take the Step, The Bridge Will Be There, Grace Cirocco, Harper Collins Canada, 2004.This is one smart, insightful book that is about finding the courage to make transitions and having faith in leaps we know we must take. Forthright, articulate, and touching upon spirituality as well as daily life pragmatiacs this is all about finding one’s path, passion and promise. This book delivers an adrenalin shot to the psyche and soul. Buy one and one for a friend.”

Marcy Goldman


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